Abandoned Mining Station
Abandoned Mining Station
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Disambig.png This article is about the site in G&B Mining Fields. For the site in Shattered Planetoid, see Abandoned Mining Station (Shattered Planetoid).

Abandoned Mining Station is a site in the Ceto system in Everspace 2.

In-game description:

For Grady & Brunt there is a fine line between letting automation take over and abandoning a station for good.


This location has a large asteroid formation with an abandoned station built into the top of it. There is a location challenge here to blow up a special rigged asteroid, which will reward the player with an Mainframe Expansion as well as the resources from the asteroid.

Notable Loot & Points of Interest

  • There are some miscellaneous resources, a container, and a wreck near the main station structure.
  • To blow up the rigged asteroid for the local event, four explosive charges are needed, which are hidden around the area. The charges need to be brought to sockets on the rigged asteroid.
    • One can be easily found on the station, but it is attached. To get it off, shoot a breakable panel below it to reveal a red button. Shooting the button will release the charge
    • The second is also at the station, but is hidden behind another breakable wall - keep an eye out for a blinking light. Alongside this charge is one of two power cores.
    • The third is below the station, inside a small opening.
    • The last charge is behind a metal wall and pipes built into an asteroid below the rigged asteroid. This one is harder to get to and requires powering up a mining laser to destroy a hardened ore patch blocking the way to get the charge. The laser needs two power cores - one that is found near the second explosive charge, and one that is found near the fourth charge and the wall. Plug the cores into the laser and after a few moments the ore patch will be destroyed (dropping clymouth) revealing an entrance to get the last charge.
    • Once all charges are inserted into their sockets on the rigged asteroid, they need to be activated within a 10 second time period (refreshed each activation) to blow up the asteroid, which then drops Clygon and Clygon Cores and completes the event.


  • Copper deposits

  • G&B Turret - despite being abandoned, the station's turrets are still active and will turn hostile if fired upon.

If the location is revisited, there will be several groups of Outlaws (consider using Annihilator Virus):

  • Outlaw Armor Drone
  • Outlaw Drone
  • Outlaw Madcap
  • Outlaw Sniper Drone
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