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Abandoned Structure
Abandoned Structure
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Disambig.png This article is about the site in Home Turf. For the site in Hinterlands, see Abandoned Structure (Hinterlands).

Abandoned Structure is a minor site in the Ceto system in Everspace 2.

In-game description:

Remnants of a planetary mine turned inside out after the Okkar blew up Palaemon.


This is a very small location in open space with a wreck in the middle of several small asteroids and mines. It has a location challenge for finding a hidden stash. Outlaw units will jump in occasionally.

Notable Loot & Points of Interest[]

  • The hidden stash for the location challenge is a bulletproof container in the center of the wreck, inside a metal pipe. It typically contains uncommon items. It will not show up on the radar unless in very close proximity. Finding it will complete the challenge and reward the player with an Aeterna Bypass.


  • Outlaw Scout
  • Outlaw Drone
  • Outlaw Webber Drone
  • G&B Fighter