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There are currently 25 unlockable achievements in Everspace.

List of achievements

Icon Name How to Unlock
Everspace-Achievement-AlmostThere.png Almost There Reach sector 6.
Everspace-Achievement-BetterOffDead.png Better Off Dead Reach the lab on "Hard" difficulty.
Everspace-Achievement-EnhancedVictory.png Enhanced Victory Finish a run having both the Predetermination and Sensory Overload enhancements equipped.
Everspace-Achievement-EvilTwin.png Evil Twin Currently unknown.
Everspace-Achievement-FastAndFragile.png Fast and Fragile Currently unknown.
Everspace-Achievement-FlyMyLovely.png Fly, My Lovely Have 5 or more drones working for you at the same time.
Everspace-Achievement-FrigginAwesome.png Friggin' Awesome Destroy an Okkar Frigate.
Everspace-Achievement-GettingCloser.png Getting Closer Reach sector 4.
Everspace-Achievement-GettingSidetracked.png Getting Sidetracked Complete all challenges.
Everspace-Achievement-GettingSomewhere.png Getting Somewhere Reach sector 3.
Everspace-Achievement-GettingStarted.png Getting Started Reach sector 2.
Everspace-Achievement-MrAncient.png Mr. Ancient Collect all Glpyhs.
Everspace-Achievement-MrRobot.png Mr. Robot Collect all Subroutines.
Everspace-Achievement-NoTimeToDie.png No Time To Die Reach the lab in less than an hour.
Everspace-Achievement-OnwardsAndUpwards.png Onwards And Upwards Reach sector 5.
Everspace-Achievement-PerkedUp.png Perked Up Max out all pilot perks.
Everspace-Achievement-ProudOwner.png Proud Owner Buy a new Ships.
Everspace-Achievement-Scrapman.png Scrapman Accumulate 500 scrap in a single run.
Everspace-Achievement-SlowAndSturdy.png Slow And Sturdy Currently unknown.
Everspace-Achievement-TakingOneForTheTeam.png Taking One For The Team Currently unknown.
Everspace-Achievement-TheWayYoureMeantToDie.png The Way You're Meant To Die Reach the lab.
Everspace-Achievement-Tinkerer.png Tinkerer Get all perks for any ship.
Everspace-Achievement-WelcomeToEverspace.png Welcome To Everspace Die for the first time.
Everspace-Achievement-WholeAgain.png Whole Again Currently unknown.
Everspace-Achievement-WrongTimeWrongPlace.png Wrong Time, Wrong Place Kill 1000 enemies.