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Adam Roslin
Adam Roslin
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Disambig.png For the clone from both Everspace and Everspace 2, see Hero.

Adam Roslin was a Colonial cloning scientist, and the original of Hero, the clone that is controlled by the player in Everspace.

Plot Summary[]

Adam Roslin was honorably discharged from the fleet after the Colonial-Okkar war. After that, Seth Nobu persuaded him to join in an illegal partnership - creating more clones. They were eventually discovered by Admiral Gorc, who forced them to decode the Okkar genome in return for amnesty, which was to enable the Admiral to start cloning Okkar and start a new war to wipe out the rest of the Okkar. Adam refused (while Seth accepted), and was poisoned with a cytotoxic and forced to work. He made an escape to a secret lab that was used during the war, and upon realizing that the facility was unusable, activated another cloning facility to produce clones of himself to get a new body free of the cytotoxin. This led to the creation of the player's character, Hero. Meanwhile, Roslin waited in cryosleep. When a clone finally made it to the lab, Adam woke from stasis. They talked, and Roslin decided to give up on his ending life and instead give the clone a better chance, instructing him on repairing his genome with missing DNA fragments from other clones. Soon after that, the cytotoxin finally killed Adam Roslin, though his memories lived on in his clones.

In the Codex[]

Codex Entry
Adam Roslin was a Chief Science Officer of the Colonial Fleet. Born on Hector Delannoy Station in 2995, he was one of two children of renowned genetic researcher Dr. Kirk Roslin and his wife Christine Roslin. Showing tremendous aptitude for science, he was fast-tracked to the Fleet Academy where he planned to follow in his father's footsteps. He was notably shy and insecure with his comrades, which resulted in a different education. With the outbreak of war with the Okkar, he was reassigned to Cluster 34 to lead the frontline cloning program for replacing pilots. The program came under widespread criticism from ethical bodies, however, and was discontinued at the end of the war as a stipulation of the peace treaty.

Roslin was honorably discharged from the Fleet during post-war mass demobbing, although is rumored to have remained in Cluster 34 without solid assignment. Following several years of absence from public record, he is currently presumed missing or dead.