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AETERNA Bypasses are limited consumable items that allow the player to upgrade their ship attributes by producing an augmentation module. A full stack of three bypasses is needed to make a module.

In-game description:

An incomplete part of rerouted military-grade circuitry designed to amplify shipboard instruction, all while avoiding a connection to the AETERNA network. A full stack of these will construct a mountable Augment.


Each of the six main ratings can be upgraded, with each upgrade increasing the rating's value by 30 each time. The cost of upgrading each specific rating increases as it is upgraded, with the first costing one augmentation module (three aeterna bypasses), the second costing two modules (six bypasses), and so on. Each rating can be upgraded up to five times for a total bonus of 150.

List of bypass locations

There are currently a total of 58 bypasses in the game as of Early Access V0.6.20667 , meaning 19 total augmentation modules possible, with 1 bypass left over. See each location linked for details about their location.

Ceto bypasses - Total: 31
Site # of bypasses
Rhodia II 1
Rhodia Orbit 3
Abandoned Structure (Home Turf) 1
Ceto Outer Rim 2
Outlaw Outpost (Home Turf) 1
Outlaw Outpost (G&B Mining Fields) 1
Alcyone Station 1
Abandoned Mining Station (G&B Mining Fields) 1
Abandoned Facility 1
Mining Station 1
Charybdis Bowl 2
Nephtys Plains 2
Ceto Orbit 2
Siren's Sea 4
Outlaw Outpost (Deep Fields) 1
Abandoned Mining Station (Shattered Planetoid) 1
Palaemon's Wound 1
Ghost Fleet 2
Asteroid Cluster (Hinterlands) 1
Abandoned Military Outpost 1
Abandoned Structure (Hinterlands) 1
Union bypasses - Total: 28
Site # of bypasses
Ceto Transit Gate 2
Torn Station 1
Asteroid Cluster (EMP Fields) 1
Volta Nebula 1
Warship Remains 1
Cartwright's Wake 1
Abidan II 2
Freelancer Outpost 1
Sato Orbit 1
Ayres Relay Station 1
Station Wreck 1
Prescott Starbase 2
Anandra Bishop Starport 1
Union Outer Rim 1
Yawen Orbit 2
Avonrest 1
Noah Damaris Starport 2
The Gauntlet 2
Carrier Holdup 1
Zharkov Border Control 1
Asteroid Cluster (Smuggler's Wheel) 1
Zharkov bypasses - Total: 4
Site # of bypasses
Abandoned Jumpgate 1
Ogni Mining Fields 1
Ancient Depot 1
Union Border Control 1
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