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Alcyone Station
Alcyone Station
G&B Outpost
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Alcyone Station is a site in the Ceto system in Everspace 2. It is revealed upon starting the Spares and Scrap mission.

In-game description:

Due to numerous violent encounters with outlaws in the nearby Deep Fields, G&B struggled to find qualified staff willing to apply for Alcyone Station. The company's last resort was an initiative that promised untrained civilians a pass to the homeworlds if they signed up for a year of service. A cost-effective solution considering that only 63% of all participants ever finished their service alive...


This location has high G&B activity with two large dockable stations, alongside several other structures, overseeing aetheum crystal mining on the large asteroids present. There is a very bright yellow/green gas cloud below the large asteroids & stations.


  • G&B Crystal Refinery - operated by Krazinski, mainly has tech resources and ore to trade. Source of Back to Work side mission.
  • G&B Main Station - has lots of resources to trade.


Notable Loot & Points of Interest[]

  • An Aeterna Bypass & the Missile Defense System device - in derelict far from the stations. There is a crack in the bottom of the hull, fly through it and destroy the marked shield generator to gain access to a Bulletproof Container with the device.
  • There are three notable points of interest with loot & containers - two asteroids (both with a hydra infestation, one with some artificial objects) and a small debris field. Destroying the hydras will remove corrosive gas.



  • G&B Freighters
  • G&B Fighters
  • Hydra Anemone
  • Outlaw Anti-Missile Drone
  • Outlaw Drone
  • Outlaw Scout


  • Krazinski


  • This location was originally named "The Ulcer" in the alpha and beta stage of development.