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Alcyone Station is a site in the G&B Mining Fields region of the Ceto system in Everspace 2. It is revealed after starting the Spares and Scrap mission. This location has high G&B activity with two large dockable stations, alongside several other structures, overseeing aetheum crystal mining on the large asteroids present. There is a very bright yellow/green gas cloud below the large asteroids & stations with a corrosive center.


Secrets map image
# Type Notes
1 Bulletproof Container Located in segment of a derelict ship far from the stations. Enter via underside crack, shoot Shield Generator to gain access. Contains Mainframe Expansion & the Missile Defense System device.
2 Shipwreck Located in center of corrosive green gas cloud.
3 Rigged Asteroid Gives Clygon and Clygon Cores
4 Shipwreck Located on large asteroid, inside a corrosion field emitted by a large Hydra Anemone.
5 Shipwreck Located inside large asteroid, between two large Hydras.
6 Shipwreck Located at edge of debris field.


  • Race gate near the main station with 24 rings (the rigged asteroid is near its finish ring)





  • This location was originally named "The Ulcer" in the alpha and beta stage of development.