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The Ancient Rifts are a planned piece of endgame content for Everspace 2. They will be a series of procedurally generated areas, increasing in difficulty as the player progresses (similar to Everspace's gameplay). Progressing through these rifts will reward the player with valuable and unique loot, potentially including Ancient artifacts which can be used to upgrade equipment. Loot is kept on death, but there is a bonus based on progression.

Kickstarter description
While exploring a certain sector in the endgame, you might come across sudden cracks in space, strange anomalies that will lead you to dangerous regions full of unrelenting enemies. This is where you have to prove all your strength and cunning to survive zone after zone of ever-increasing difficulty, collecting powerful artifacts and super-rare resources that can be used to upgrade your equipment with Ancients’ technology.

If pilots die, they are thrown out of the crack and wake up as if from a dream at their previous location. Despite their abrupt demise, they can still enjoy the loot they have collected and a hefty bonus, depending on how deep they ventured into the territory. Mysterious…




  • The Ancient Rifts were the first and only unlocked stretch goal from the Kickstarter.
  • A close comparison to the rifts based on the initial description (besides Everspace 1 itself) is Grim Dawn's Shattered Realm.