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The image for the Ancients in the Everspace codex. An Ancient Warden can be seen on the left, with the top of an Ancient Warp Gate in focus.

ES2-Characters-HIVE-Icon.png [The Ancients] were believed to be higher beings, distantly related to and revered by the Okkar. They ruled over a powerful and far-reaching empire, yet they mysteriously vanished from historical record some millenia ago.

Ancients are a mysterious ancient race and one of five known factions in the Everspace and Everspace 2 universe. They appear to consist primarily of dark energy. Once a powerful and far-reaching empire several thousand years ago, all that remains is ruins - such as the Ancient Warp Gates or the structures at Forlorn Vale.

For information specific to the original Everspace, see Ancients/Everspace.
For information specific to the Everspace 2, see Ancients/Everspace 2.


Everspace - Ancients codex entry
The Ancients are believed to be a species which dwell in unexplored territories beyond Cluster 34. As yet not encountered in physical form by Colonials, their existence is referred to often in dialogue with the Okkar and evidenced by ruins and relics scattered throughout the Cluster. As no living or dead Ancient has yet been discovered, their genome has been impossible to isolate for further answers as to their origins. The Okkar revere their knowledge and abilities and ascribe god-like qualities to them. Legend has it that they were once not dissimilar to the Okkar species, supposedly reptiloid, but transcended matter through learning and meditation to become "higher beings". The Okkar also attribute the Ancients with vastly sophisticated technologies capable of feats unimaginable to Colonial scientists. Many remain skeptical of the claims, however.


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