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The device affecting multiple ships

The Annihilator Virus is a warfare device. It infects the target with a virus that spreads to nearby targets every 2.0s. After 10s, all affected ships suffer 385 damage with a 40s cooldown.


It has three unlockable modes which cost one device upgrade token each. Only one mode may be selected at the same time.

  • Symptomatic: Infected targets deal 20% reduced damage.
  • Comorbidity: Deals 20% bonus damage for each additional debuff on the target.
  • Incubation: Duration increased by 50%.


  • Charybdis Bowl - found in a large wreck between a race gate and where the jump suppressor is found during Spares and Scrap. It contains a U-shaped hallway with two generators on either side of the U with a door in the center of the bottom. Destroy the generators to get access to the device.
  • Siren's Sea - found in a bulletproof container in an abandoned structure on a large asteroid

Tips and tricks[]

  • The range of the device is 500 meters