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Cartwright's Wake is a site in the Smuggler's Wheel region of the Union system in Everspace 2. This location consists of small Outlaw bases inside and outside of asteroids in a large asteroid field filled with blue clouds.


Secrets map image
# Type Notes
1 Shipwreck Located in the back side of an asteroid, somewhat close to the jump gate.
2 Secured Container Located in same location as puzzle 1, Energy Sphere Dispenser on other side of same asteroid.
3 Container Located in wreckage near the white cloud light source, hidden behind debris.
4 Secured Container Located in same structure as puzzle 3, requires two Power Cores to open, Core Generator inside radiated portion of structure.
5 Bulletproof Container Located inside an Outlaw Structure, behind a destructible panel. Contains the Nano Transmitter device.
6 Secured Container Located above structure with landing platform, Energy Sphere Dispenser located down 'tunnel' to the right.
7 Secured Container Located in perimiter Outlaw Base, one Battery located inside dome, other below the structure.
8 Bulletproof Container Located inside a segment of wreckage, shoot destructible panel to access.
9 Secured Container Co-located with puzzle 8, bring Heat Sphere through the tunnel to open. Contains a Mainframe Expansion.
10 Bulletproof Container Located in tunnel between puzzle 9 & Heat Sphere Generator.
11 Secured Container Located in Outlaw Base Structure close to the Jump Gate, destroy destructible panel & bring nearby batteries to open.
12 Bulletproof Container Co-located with puzzle 11.