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The image for all corporations in the codex.

There are many corporations active in Everspace, such as weapons and equipment manufacturers or mining corporations like Grady & Brunt Prospects.

Several of the corporations (at most 7) were partly designed by backers of the $500 tier "Space Hero" on the Everspace Kickstarter.

Corporations in the Codex:
Private corporations are financial, logistic, and manufacturing organizational structures belonging to Colonial and other alien interests which form the backbone of the galactic economy. While most ISC's (Inter-Stellar Corporations) are widely diversified in production and operations, each specializes in a particular area for marketing purposes, whether it be armaments, ship construction, robotics, or resource extraction. Expansion, exploration, and colonization of new areas of the galaxy would not be possible without ISC's to manage the tasks, and as such their operations are encouraged and supported by their native authorities, either militarily or through fiscal incentives. Revenue generated through taxes and trade is significant enough that without it, governments would fail.

ISC's are vast and complex in their structure and employ many millions of personnel spread throughout any part of the galaxy where civilization is present. The ratio of robotic assistants to organic personnel is usually about 20 to 1. Some Colonial corporations employ clones for service, although this practice is frowned upon and often only licensed for frontier operations where a shortage of staff may occur. Corporate employees are highly devoted to their company, usually remain for the duration of their lives, and pass their job skills on to their children to continue their duties upon retirement. All employees needs are met by their company, including housing, healthcare, food, and entertainment. Mingling socially with employees of other companies or vacationing in another corporation's resort is highly taboo for a corporate employee and may result in termination.

A vast number of planets, moons, re-purposed asteroids and space stations are now only owned by a single corporation. Worries have been voiced over the evolving cultures of these societies, although authorities are generally averse to imposing any form of action on such monopolies. ISC's hold much power and can influence government policy to a great degree. ISC directors and top executives are a particular class which live on exclusive pleasure-resorts and are primarily concerned with their own immortality. Most of the practical business is conducted by middle-management, with top executives and shareholders only giving approval for high-level decisions.

There have been several incidents where a clash of interests or uncontrolled competition between ISC's has led to open warfare, and there continue to be instances of historical rivalries reaching violent confrontation. In such cases the relevant authorities intervene.