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Fully explored map of Ceto

Ceto is the starting system of Everspace 2. This is where Adam Roslin was working as a wingman for G&B with Corben "Ben" Grendal, and where he met his first two companions Dax Bashar and Dr. Delia Wendo, as well as recovering a HIVE unit. Ceto is home to a large G&B presence, focusing on mining Aetheum crystal shards, which appear to be abundant in this system. There is also a significant Outlaw presence, most likely attracted by G&B, raiding bases and freighters.

There is a single Jump Gate here at Union Bridge, connected to the Union system. It is initially inaccessible, requiring a key from a military HIVE AI unit, which Hero acquires during the main storyline.

List of sites by region[]

Cold Sun Orbit[]

A small region in the center of Ceto encompassing the star and a single site in orbit.

Deep Fields[]

The start of Outlaw territory with 5 visitable sites and one planet called Pontus.

G&B Mining Fields[]

The main area of G&B activity in Ceto with 8 visitable sites and the planet Nerea.


A large region with only three visitable sites with Outlaw activity and a single planet named Achelous.

Home Turf[]

The first revealed region, located in the upper-right of the Ceto system with eight visitable sites and two planets - Rhodia and Nemertes.

Open Space[]

An empty region in the lower right of Ceto.

Shattered Planetoid[]

The heart of Outlaw territory in Ceto, containing the 'shattered planetoid' Palaemon and 3 visitable sites.