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Ceto Outer Rim
Ceto Outer Rim
Planetary Debris
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Ceto Outer Rim is a site on the edge of the Ceto system in Everspace 2. It is one of the locations that contain a bean bag for the Edge of the Universe main mission.

In-game description:

When the Okkar blew up the mining planet Palaemon, pieces of crystal rich planetary debris and state-of-the-art mining tech were scattered all across Ceto. Now, years later, even the once barren outer rim became attractive to prospectors, scavengers and traders alike.


This location is an asteroid cluster mainly comprised of rock formations forming a very long rock chain (though not all of it is connected). There are a couple of wrecks and outlaw bases.


  • Trading freighter run by Marie de Windt called the Flying Dutchess. Typically has resources, equipment, and a device in stock.
    • If she was called to Siren's Sea or Carrier Holdup with the beacon, there will instead be a beacon in her usual location which can be used to call her back.


Notable Loot & Points of Interest[]

  • There is a large wreck near the bean bag surrounded by mines - inside it has two power cores to put into sockets to reveal containers with some common loot.
  • In the asteroid chain there's an Outlaw base with several turrets, drones, and silos guarding several nearby containers. There is also a damage booster on the base, buffing nearby enemies.
  • There is another Outlaw structure close to the above base with a shielded bomb thrower and drones. There are a couple of containers as well as a bulletproof container that has the Quantum Entangler device and an Aeterna Bypass inside. There is also a deactivated drone that can be hacked to become an ally.
  • Near the end of the star-side end of the chain there is an escape pod with a logbook which is the source of the Undead Ship side mission. It will have a blue marker.
  • Also near the pod is a currently un-openable locked door. There is a container inside.
    • Another shipwreck can found found while flying towards the star, with some common loot.
  • There are three more hackable deactivated drones near the end of one of the asteroid formations (towards the star)
  • One of the asteroid formations has a breakable wall which contains some loot
  • An asteroid a few km away from the Flying Dutchess (near location boundary) has a container with the second Aeterna Bypass



  • Outlaw Bomb Thrower
  • Outlaw Drone
  • Outlaw Missile Silo
  • Outlaw Scout
  • Outlaw Turret
  • Outlaw Webber Drone
  • G&B Freighter
  • G&B Fighter