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Ceto Outer Rim is a site on the edge of the Home Turf region of the Ceto system in Everspace 2 with planetary debris. It is one of the locations that contain a bean bag for the Edge of the Universe main mission. This location is mainly comprised of large asteroid/rock formations in a long line. There are a few wrecks, outlaw bases, and small asteroid clusters.

There is also a trading station called the Flying Dutchess here, which is run by Marie de Windt. If she has been called to Siren's Sea or Abandoned Transit Point]] with a beacon, a beacon will be at her usual location here to call her back to trade.


Secrets map image
# Type Notes
1 Container Located near edge of region near the Flying Duchess, contains Mainframe Expansion.
2 Bulletproof Container Located near Outlaw base structure, contains a Mainframe Expansion and the Quantum Entangler device. There is also a deactivated drone nearby that can be hacked to become an ally temporarily.
3 Container Located inside small asteroid near Outlaw Base Structure.
4 Rigged Asteroid Located near previous two puzzles.
5 Shipwreck Located below structure near Flying Duchess.
6 Shipwreck Located in asteroid, surrounded by a few mines.
7-8 Containers Located in ship wreckage behind two doors without power. There are two power cores and two sockets nearby to open them.
9 Shipwreck Located in green fog, near poison container.
10 Escape Pod In a second green fog area near #9. Interact with for a logbook entry that is the source of the Undead Ship side mission. There is also a closed hatch nearby that currently cannot be accessed.