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Disambig.png For characters in Everspace 2, see Characters (ES2).

There are several important characters found in Everspace. In the base game, all are important to the main story. With the Encounters expansion, several new characters are added that enrich gameplay and exploration, but do not impact the story in a significant way. Click the link in the name column for each listed character to read more in-depth information about each.

List of Main Characters[]

Image Name Faction Race
Everspace-Codex-Hive.png Hero Player Human
Everspace-Codex-AdamRoslin.png Adam Roslin Ex-Colonial Human
Everspace-Codex-DenaraRoslin.png Denara Roslin Independent Human
Everspace-Codex-SethNobu.png Seth Nobu Outlaw Human
Everspace-Codex-AdmiralCrinGorc.png Crin Gorc Colonial Human
Everspace-Codex-Hive.png HIVE Player AI

List of Encounters Characters[]

Image Name Faction Race
Everspace-Codex-Tareen.png Tareen Independent Okkar
Everspace-Codex-Maurice.png Maurice G&B AI
Everspace-Codex-MesterThrong.png Mester Throng Independent K'nos
Everspace-Codex-Elek.png Elek Coalition Horag
Everspace-Codex-Karlie.png Karlie Michaeli Sharpe G&B/Okkar Human

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