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Hero and his companions

Disambig.png This article is about characters from Everspace 2. For characters from Everspace, see Characters.

There are several important characters in Everspace 2, a few of which were also seen in Everspace. Not much is known about all the characters so far, but below is a list of confirmed characters.

Player & Companions[]

The player teams up with several companions throughout Everspace 2:

  • Hero, a clone of Adam Roslin with a full lifespan. The playable main character.
  • Dax Bashar - Mentor
  • Dr. Delia Wendo - Doctor
  • Corben "Ben" Grendal - Engineer
  • Elek - Wingman
  • Tareen - Quartermaster

Notable Enemies & Antagonists[]

  • Chief Bolton - Briefly held Dax and Hero captive, first seen as a hologram, wears a gas mask
  • Commissioner Hawke - A Colonial officer chasing after Adam Roslin clones.

Other Notable NPCs[]

  • Craig Calahan - leader of the G&B mining operation in the tutorial.
  • Krazinski - one of the miners in tutorial, encountered again for Back to Work.
  • Marie DeWint - owner and proprietor of the Flying Dutchess.