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Charybdis Bowl
Charybdis Bowl
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ES2-Characters-ScavengerBot-Icon.png Welcome to Charybdis Recyling Plant, where your garbage is our future.
~ Banjack

Charybdis Bowl is a site in the Ceto system in Everspace 2 and is where a large part of the main mission Spares and Scrap takes place.

In-game description:

An amendment to the Space Security Directive 93 states that obsolete tools, facilities and general infrastructure must be brought to and collected at a stable gravitational hub, so not to interfere with intra- and interstellar traffic. In other words, G&B is legally bound to dump their scrap where it cannot float away. Welcome to Charybdis Junkyard.


This location is a very large scrapyard on the surface of a desert planet. There is very little NPC activity here.

Points of interest listed below use the hill with a bright Aetheum crystal deposit as a reference, with directions facing towards the scrapyard (away from the sun and the aetheum hill).


  • Charybdis Recycling Plant - a basic trading station operated by a somewhat malfunctioning scavenger bot named Banjack. Typically has equipment and resources for sale.


  • 42 ring race gate to the left of the Aetheum hill

Notable Loot & Points of Interest[]

  • Small hill at one edge of the scrapyard with a bright Aetheum crystal under some metal debris.
  • The Annihilator Virus device and an Aeterna Bypass can be found in a large wreck between the race gate and where the jump suppressor is found. It contains a U-shaped hallway with two generators on either side of the U with a door in the center of the bottom. Destroy the generators to get access to the device.
  • Aeterna Bypass and Nano Transmitter in a smoking wreck on side of the hill near the race gate. The entrance is through the smoke.
  • There is a scrapped Jump Gate partly buried in the sand to the right of the Aetheum hill. It has a jump gate module that can be opened with three pieces of scrap metal inside.
  • A wreck with a damaged door to the left of the hill has two outlaw turrets and a bulletproof container inside. Be careful of the broken doors, they can deal lots of damage if caught inside and crushed.
  • There are a few basic containers scattered around the various wrecks and scrap heaps.



  • Outlaw Turret


  • Banjack, the scavenger bot in charge of the Charybdis Recycling Plant - is initially "hostile" towards Hero, trying to get his ship for parts, but is easily persuaded to be friendly.



  • The sign above the recycling plant station has an advertisement for Federal Arms & Crafts with a slogan "We build it. You finish it!", and next to it an advertisement for containers.
  • Banjack uses text-to-speech for dialogue, left in by popular demand as all voices pre-early access were also TTS.