Cluster 34

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Cluster 34
Cluster 34, also known as The Beltegrades. A group of systems approximately 1000 light years from the Sol System.

Cluster 34 is where the story of Everspace takes place, containing the territory of the indigenous Okkar species. More specifically, however, Hero traverses the Demilitarized Zone.

Codex Entry

Cluster 34
Cluster 34, also known as the Beltegrade Cluster, or simply The Beltegrades, is the current limit of Colonial expansion. First mapped in the 24th Century (C.E. Sol), the first Colonial unmanned exploration vessels did not arrive until the 30th, to find an area rich in the resources required for terraforming in the home system. Early outposts constructed by mining concerns had limited contact with the indigenous Okkar species, although hostilities later commenced with the arrival of the supporting Colonial Fleet. Today the Cluster is still resource rich but infrastructurally ravaged by the conflict with the Okkar. The Demilitarized Zone between Okkar and Colonial territories divides the Cluster and maintains an uneasy peace.