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Colonial Gunship
Heavy Fighter-Class
The Colonial Gunship is a clunky beast to maneuver but it can take a lot of hits. Its reinforced hull provides the best protection available though this comes with a weak spot: It is not possible to equip a shield device. The front shield generator and a powerful turret provide remedy.
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Disambig.png For the subclass in Everspace 2, see Gunship (ES2).
Gunships are big, I appreciate the simplicity of that.
~ Hero  on the Gunship

The Colonial Gunship is a Heavy Fighter Class ship. It is the largest player ship in the game and boasts the highest hitpoints and energy capacity. It is also the only vessel capable of utilizing turrets and front shield generators, in order to compensate for sluggish speed and a lack of conventional shields. The Gunship costs $10,000 Credits to unlock and $276,650 to fully max out its Perks.


Loadout A[]

Loadout B[]

Unlocked by reaching sector 4 with the Gunship.

Loadout C[]

Unlocked by reaching Sector 7 with the Gunship.

Tips and Tricks[]

  • The Energized Boost device is a great way to speed up exploration of a zone, and it has no downsides on the Gunship.
  • The unique Front Shield Generator device is your best friend - use it often, especially when recharging energy while stationary.
  • The lightning field natural hazard is very beneficial to the gunship, as it only damages shields, but recharges energy.
  • It can be fairly difficult for the Gunship to get Dark Matter and Dark Energy from black holes, but it is doable (especially with maxed perks). Pick one of the resources to grab and boost towards it, while constantly turning your ship/crosshair away from the black hole (but with an arc that will still get you the resources) and you should be able to get it. If you find yourself slipping in, you can craft an emergency Energized Boost to get out.


  • A: The first loadout of the gunship has the most raw firepower of the three. Its Fusion Blaster will melt right through shields, making Okkar units a breeze, and the Flak Cannon counts as an explosive weapon for mining, so it will instantly extract all resources like a Light Missile would, so it makes up for its slow speed when exploring somewhat. It comes with 4 Combat Drones; you can upgrade drones in the gunship perk tree to give them armor and shields, as well as have more active at once. This can make the Gunship A loadout really really tough in the mid-game of Hardcore mode if you decide to hold on to them, and makes the A loadout very strong in the normal mode. It carries 10 Heavy Missiles, which can one-shot many of the fighters and drones in the game, including a lot of Elite enemies. It also has a stack of Mine Clusters which can be difficult to use but are pretty potent against larger targets, particularly Corvettes. You'll want to use the Damage Limiters when fighting 3 or more foes, as the Gunship struggles to evade incoming shots, especially when its speed is not upgraded. The Gatling Turret has fairly limited range, so you'll want to close in to make the most of it.
  • B: The B loadout is more well-rounded, using a Pulse Laser to bring shields down at range and a Scatter Gun 2880 to finish off hulls up close. It's the only loadout in the game that starts with an Arc-9000, so if you find yourself totally outnumbered and overwhelmed or against an early corvette it has an out. 20 Light Missiles speed up the process of mining and killing Okkar fighters, and it has a Laser Turret, which has a noticeably longer range than the Gatling Turret does. 4 Webber Drones help make the most of the Scatter 2880 against enemy fighters and help a lot against Light G&B Fighters if you've decided to anger them. Like the A, it carries 2 Damage Limiters as well.
  • C: A bit of an oddball, the C variant starts with an M3 Laser Beam and Gattling, both of which need to charge up before firing. This leaves you without a dedicated anti-shield weapon at first, and very slow at mining and opening containers in Hardcore mode. It also doesn't start with a turret. However, this loadout starts with a Front Shield Generator and 4 Anti Missile Drones, giving the slow ship some much-needed defense in the early sectors, making it a good choice for pilots that find they struggle to get started in the gunship without an early Front Shield Generator. 8 Corrosion Missiles and 5 Mine Clusters make it really potent against larger targets in the early sectors as well, and the Anti Missile drones and Front Shield make it very easy to fight the G&B with the M3 Laser Beam. Finally, it starts with 2 Nano Injectors, so lost hull is easy to replace, allowing you to save up your nanobots for later.

User-Submitted Builds[]

Gunship (Grendal27)

A. The Flak Cannon is super easy to use for all-purpose combat, and the Fusion Blaster is great for taking down shields. Heavy Missiles one-shot most fighters, or get them low enough that you can easily take them out with the flak cannon, so I save them for tougher fights usually. Drones are great for distracting enemies as they are focused, so you can take out the enemy while they attack your drone. The bad thing about this loadout is the Gatling Turret, which I replace with the Missile Turret asap. I find that the missile turret is a lot more reliable in fights, helping to end them a lot faster, which means less damage taken.


  • Devastator Subroutine: (40% more damage, 40% less energy regeneration) makes combat a lot easier. Most of the time in fights there isn't even time for energy regen, and with this you can melt through enemies even faster.
  • Ancient Friends Glyph: (Ancient Splitters spawn and fight for you occasionally) great in a pinch, and can be farmed for Dark Energy.
  • Any of the 5% bonus subroutines. I usually do Energy Regeneration to compensate a little for Devastator, but most of them are a good pick.

Bonus Equipment:

  • If you have the bonus equipment perk, I usually pick one with Nanobots or access keys. Whatever you think will be the most useful.

Things to get in-run:

  • PRIMARY WEAPONS: I try to have one all-purpose (Flak Cannon, 5-5 if you want), one extreme shield dmg (Fusion Blaster M6-A), and one extreme hull damage (Gatling 40mm).
  • SECONDARY WEAPONS: I try to have plenty of Heavy and Light Missiles stocked, along with an emergency ARC-9000. Also, Seeker Missile Batteries are amazing so get as many as you can.
  • DEVICES: I try to get the Missile Turret, Front Shield Generator, Adaptive Armor, and Energy Core Extension. If you have more slots, put whatever you want. Sensors, more active devices, etc.
  • CONSUMABLES: I often just end up crafting this as needed mid-fight, but I use Energy Injectors, Damage Boosters, and Damage Limiters the most. Nano Injectors are hard to get, but if you're finding extra nanobots, I always try to have one or two spares just in case. A Jump Stabilizer is good to have also.
  • Always try to upgrade your stuff with modifications. Energy Consumption Mods are very useful combined with hull or shield damage mods, depending on how you use whatever weapon you're putting it on. Fire Rate is also good for increasing DPS.

Grendal27 (talk)


  • Maxing out all perks for the Gunship is one of the possible criteria for unlocking the Tinkerer achievement.
  • Using the Gunship for 15 runs will unlock the Slow and Sturdy achievement. Each run will still count for the achievement even if they are a loss.


  • According to the official artbook, the Gunship is 17.7 meters long (front to back).


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