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Colonial Interceptor
Medium Fighter Class
A versatile combat ship that can equip most weapon systems and devices. Though it does not have considerable disadvantages, the Colonial Interceptor does not shine in any particular field either.
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Disambig.png For the subclass in Everspace 2, see Interceptor (ES2).

The Colonial Interceptor is a medium fighter class ship. It is the immediately unlocked upon starting the game (as is the Colonial Sentinel), and comes well rounded right out of the box, but doesn't excel in any one category. Fully upgrading the Interceptor's Perks costs a total of $243,850 credits.


Loadout A[]

Loadout B[]

Unlocked by reaching sector 4 with the Interceptor.

Loadout C[]

Unlocked by reaching Sector 7 with the Interceptor.

Tips and Tricks[]

  • The Interceptor is the first ship you get and it could be possibly the strongest. This is due to having the unique device Weapon Overdrive - make sure to use it often.
  • A popular combination for the Interceptor is combining any easy aiming weapons such as the Flak Cannon, Beam Laser, Thermo Gun, and the Coil Gun with said Weapon Overdrive.
  • It also has considerable hull strength (450 when non-upgraded) and strong shield possibilities with Shield and Shield XC Mk3.
  • This ship, like the others, benefits greatly from energy injectors and energy perks, so be sure to prioritize those perks.


  • A: 20 Light Missiles and Weapon Overdrive make the A loadout a great choice for hard and hardcore, as you will be able to quickly mine with them and quickly kill Okkar fighters. The Pulse Laser + Gattling combo is not exceptional but it is dependable for the first few sectors, and because of their fire rate you'll score crits more often. Invest in a better shield and primary weapons sooner rather than later, though, as the basic Pulse Laser and Gattling don't benefit much from upgrades compared to other primaries simply because of their lower stats.
  • B: The M3 laser makes the B loadout exceptional at dogfighting in early sectors, especially against smaller groups of enemies, and will be useful all the way to the end. A full stack of Corrosive Missiles easily allows you to deal with any early corvettes that pop up or fight G&B fighters if you want to anger them for more rewards. This loadout struggles at quick resource mining at first, though you can make up for lost time with its Energized Boost. It might be wise to swap to an XC Shield if you plan on keeping the Energized Boost so that the shutdown duration is much shorter, and to find other primaries for fights with large groups of enemies.
  • C: With very short range weaponry and an XC shield to start, the C loadout favors very aggressive dogfighting for rewards. The Scatter Gun may not seem impressive at first but with so many projectiles crit chance and crit damage gets insane against hulls, and the shower of projectiles when fully charged is huge. Coupled with a Shield Disruptor normal units don't stand a chance against the Interceptor C, and even early Elites will quickly be mowed down. A full stack of Plasma Torpedoes will quickly wreck any early corvettes or allow you to rob G&B transports for additional resources, gear, credits, etc.

User-Submitted Builds[]

Interceptor (Engel)
Weapons: Neutron Cannon, Flak Cannon 5-5, Plasma Thrower/Fusion Blaster M6-A.

Secondary Weapons: Heavy Missiles, Seeker Missile Battery, ARC-9000/Plasma Torpedo.

Equipment: Shield MK3 with x2 Shield Shutdown Time and Shield Recharge Delay. Weapon Overdrive MK3 with x2 Duration Mods and Energy Consumption Mod, Energy Core Extension MK3, Tractor Beam MK3, Sensor Relay MK3/Static Discharger MK3.

Consumables: Energy Injectors, Damage Boosters, Nano-Kit.

As for glyphs and subroutines, I just use Jump Repairs, Energy Recharge + Random other.


  • Maxing out all perks for the Interceptor is one of the possible criteria for unlocking the Tinkerer achievement.


  • According to the official artbook, the Interceptor is 13.5 meters long (front to back).


Visual Upgrades[]

As certain ship perks are upgraded, the appearance of the Interceptor is upgraded. Below is a slideshow of the changes. Click on the slideshow to scroll through them faster.

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