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Colonial Scout
Light Fighter Class
Fast and swift but also quite fragile, the Colonial Scout demands a clear playing style. To compensate for its lack of hull hitpoints, it is the only ship capable of using cloaking devices and teleporters.
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Disambig.png For the subclass in Everspace 2, see Scout (ES2).
Speed when I need it! Who wouldn't prefer that?
~ Hero  on the Scout

The Colonial Scout is a light fighter class ship. It is very weak in terms of total hull/ shield hitpoints and weaponry, but also very fast and has access to special devices like Cloaks and Teleporters, useful for getting out of fights that the Scout can't handle. The Scout costs 10,000 Credits to unlock and $215,300 to fully max out its Perks.


Loadout A[]

Loadout B[]

Unlocked by reaching sector 4 with the Scout.

Loadout C[]

Unlocked by reaching Sector 7 with the Scout.

Tips and Tricks[]

  • The Scout's incredible speed allows much easier circular forward/backward dodging and kiting, which compensates for its low shield and hull strength. It is possible to avoid most damage without even boosting.


  • A: The first loadout for the Scout exemplifies what makes it stand out. An XC Shield coupled with its naturally strong evasion makes it nearly untouchable for the first two sectors if you don't pick fights with the G&B. Its Shock Rifle allows you to easily thin out larger groups of foes at a distance, and the Beam Laser provides ample DPS for smaller engagements with normal foes. A full stack of Energy Injectors really helps it early on, as the Scout has a smaller energy core capacity than the other ships. Its Drone Overrides keep it from being overwhelmed by large groups of Outlaws and their drones if you enter a sector right into the thick of them. The Cloak lets you disengage, which is a great time to stop the ship and recharge energy at 2x speed, and Stasis Missiles will both immobilize any hostile fighter or drone and prevent them from firing. It is a pretty safe and strong loadout overall, and it can get pretty far without upgrades or swapping its gear out.
  • B: The Scout B takes after the loadout for the Interceptor A. The Thermo Gun lets you focus on evasion rather than aiming when fighting Okkar units, and the Gattling provides solid DPS against hulls and turrets. Its Shield Breaker Missiles really put it over the edge when fighting Okkar or even G&B fighters. 4 Damage Limiters and Shield Charge Drones along with a normal Shield make it really tanky for its class, so it's a good choice for pilots that find they dislike the fragility of the hull and XC Shields. Lastly, it has a Teleporter, useful for getting behind enemies and avoiding incoming missiles. You'll want to swap the Thermo Gun with a more suitable anti-shield weapon however, as the smaller energy core on the Scout makes it difficult to use in prolonged engagements effectively.
  • C: With a Coil Gun as its only primary weapon, this loadout can be really frustrating to use without upgrading the ship's energy core considerably or using the Daredevil subroutine. The Time Extender is a great boon, however, as it's one of the stronger active devices in the game for dogfighting, and it pairs well with its XC Shield. A stack of Corrosion Missiles helps it out in a pinch, and lets it fight G&B fighters for extra rewards if you'd like. Worth noting however is that the spread on Coil Guns makes them unsuitable for sniping fighters and drones, so you will want to fight closer than the max range might lead you to believe. The Coil Gun is quite good at fighting Corvettes and Frigates at a distance though! It lacks consumables that directly help in combat at first, instead carrying a Jump Stabilizer and Nano Kit.


  • Maxing out all perks for the Scout is one of the possible criteria for unlocking the Tinkerer achievement.
  • Using the Scout for 15 runs will unlock the Fast and Fragile achievement.


  • According to the official artbook, the Scout is 13.6 meters wide (wingspan).
  • In the back left of the cockpit, there is an image of a giraffe poking its head out of an egg. This is a tribute to Giraffasaur (Erik Schrader), the Community Ambassador (and QA tester) for Rockfish Games, using his logo. Before becoming the Community Ambassador, he was already extremely active in the community.


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