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The Colonial Fleet in the Everspace Codex

The Colonials or Colonial Fleet are one of five known factions in the Everspace and Everspace 2 universe. The fleet is the means behind human expansion, originating from the Sol System. They are predominantly human, although other unknown races take part in the fleet. The fleet has made extensive use of cloning technology to help aid the expansion and war efforts, which Adam Roslin was a part of. Soon after their arrival to Cluster 34, a devastating large-scale war erupted with the indigenous Okkar. The war was ended with a ceasefire and a peace treaty, resulting in the Demilitarized Zone.

For information specific to the original Everspace, see Colonials/Everspace.
For information specific to the Everspace 2, see Colonials/Everspace 2.


Everspace - The Colonial Fleet codex entry
The Colonial Fleet is the vanguard and defense infrastructure of human galactic expansion. Originating from the Sol System, the relatively recent development of interstellar travel led to a rapid demand for more able bodies to explore and occupy new regions. The sophisticated cloning technology developed to meet this demand has become both the envy of, and reviled by, other races. Although the Fleet consists predominantly of humanoids, other alien races enroll or collaborate independently.

The Fleet's primary purpose in Cluster 34 is protection of mining interests, which are managed by private corporations, against Outlaw raiders. A heavy military presence maintains the peace in the outer limits of Colonial territories and is administered from the vast Colonial Fleet HQ. In accordance with the peace treaty with the Okkar, the Fleet is not permitted access to the demilitarized zone except for special situations, such as rescue or humanitarian relief missions.

Everspace - Colonial HQ codex entry
The Colonial Fleet Headquarters, [in] Cluster 34, is a megastructure facilitating all military operations for the frontier region. Completed in the aftermath of the war with the Okkar (See below codex entry), it is regarded as the strongest and most heavily defend Colonial structure outside the Sol system. All Fleet movements are coordinated from this central control hub and it is the seat of the local Admiralty. Specific details of the number of craft, types of weaponry or access points are not contained on the AETERNA for security reasons. The base does, however, contain several bars and clubs and more than twenty fine dining establishments. There is also a sports venue and retirement gardens for Fleet personnel to enjoy.
Everspace - Colonial-Okkar War codex entry
With the first arrival of Colonial mining interests in 3022 (C.E. Sol), the Okkar experienced a dramatic shift in how they perceived their relation to the galaxy, and how other civilizations could potentially encroach upon their homeworlds. The subsequent arrival of the Colonial Fleet and establishment of jumpgates escalated tensions in the Cluster which eventually triggered all-out warfare between the species. Equally matched in strength and sophistication, the Okkar held their ground against the Colonials to devastating effect. A ceasefire was brokered out of necessity as there was no clear projected victor. The Demilitarized Zone was established as part of the subsequent peace treaty, delineating new limits of each of the species' territories, which the Okkar were given the right to administer.


  • In addition to the various stations, the Colonial Fleet also established the network of Jump Gates with help from Grady & Brunt Prospects.
  • There appears to be a large network system connecting Colonial operations known as AETERNA, including cloning facilities such as where Adam Roslin cloned himself. It can transfer memories and skills from the original to the clones. However, not much else is known about it. HIVE is also a part of it.
  • According to the official artbook, Colonial warships are 4040 meters long.

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