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Disambig.png For Colonials in Everspace 2, see Colonials/Everspace 2.

Colonials in Everspace are a hostile faction rarely encountered directly.


Remains of Colonial forces are seen all over the sectors, but encounters with Colonial enemies are rare, due to the peace treaty between the Colonials and the Okkar not permitting them access to the Demilitarized Zone.

Colonial Structures - Derelict Stations[]

An in-game screenshot of a very damaged derelict station

There are many damaged and derelict Colonial space stations scattered throughout the DMZ, abandoned or heavily damaged as a result of the Colonial-Okkar War. There are several different designs - some are nothing but a skeleton, others are more solid and intact. Most are unguarded except some by minefields, but the less damaged stations have intact security systems, which can include shield generators, turret defenses, and drone stations. There are also hazardous rogue lasers and gas leaks which can deal severe hull damage. These large derelict stations almost always contain a Subroutine, along with a Special Tech Container, locked behind a red-colored hatch. However, not all stations with Special Tech Containers have subroutines. The locked doors are opened with Access Keys, which can drop from elite enemy ships. A trick to know if the room with the special container has a subroutine is to move around to outside of the room and look through the cracks in the damaged walls for the large blue hologram.

Colonial Fleet Ships[]

Player ships[]

The Colonial Fleet manufactures the four ship types that the player can use in each run; the Colonial Interceptor, Colonial Scout, Colonial Gunship, and the Colonial Sentinel. These four ships are only seen in use by the player-controlled clone, other clones, and the major characters the player comes across in the main story.


Colonial Warship[]

After three waves of the Okkar invasion after spending too much time in a zone, several massive Colonial Warships jump in. Warships have a health bar, but are unable to be destroyed completely. The nine beam turrets on the ships can all be destroyed, but it is very difficult to do so. The turrets can drop various resources, but no credits. When these appear, the unique track Armada of Annihilation will play.

Colonial Drones and Turrets[]

These are only found guarding the derelict colonial stations. The turrets can be quite dangerous while exploring such a confined area, but it is possible to use action freeze to scout ahead for them.