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Common rarity commodity

Commodities are a type of resource in Everspace 2 primarily used as a mean of gaining Credits as they typically have no use in other gameplay.

List of Commodities[]

Icon Name Rarity Description Value (in Credits)
Apollox Energy Drink Rare It's the energy injector for your body. Apollox, recharge your core!
Clothing Common It is still not socially acceptable to run around naked. So before you leave the ship, put on some clothes, please. 45
Liquor Common All kinds of distilled spirits to sooth the space-explorers lonely hours. 60
Medicine Common Affordable and highly effective drugs that are still needed in poorly developed worlds or outside regions 40
Mining Equipment Common A most basic set of tools to make your ship ready for mining some ore and crystals. 45
Nanofibers Uncommon Used in tissue engineering, drug delivery, air filtration, and optical sensors. 175
Ramen Common Took the Earth by storm a thousand years ago and it's still going strong. Just don't call it soup! 5
Seeds Common A collection of most basic seed types. Now start your own colony! 45
Small Arms Common When good advice and money is not enough: Open this box of handguns and meet for a duel. 60
Solar Panels Common Foldable standard solar panels. Highly effective and affordable. 60
Synthetic Meat Common Why kill cattle for meat if you can grow it in a lab? But why have cattle at all then?
Worker Drone Uncommon A small drone that can be programmed to undertake mundane jobs. 60
Earth Wine Superior Due to its unparalleled taste, the best wine still originates from good old mother earth. 350