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Consumables in Everspace 2 are single-use items designed to be instantly used in a pinch to boost ship stats, among many other effects. Unlike other equipment, consumables do not have rarities.

List of consumables[]

Icon Name Effect
File:ES2-Consumable-DamageBooster-Icon.png Damage Booster Increases the damage output of all primary weapons by 40% for 20s.
File:ES2-Consumable-NanoInjector-Icon.png Nano Injector Instantly repairs 300 hull hitpoints.
File:ES2-Consumable-NanobotsSmall-Icon.png Nanobots Small Repairs x hull hitpoints in xs.
File:ES2-Consumable-NanobotsMedium-Icon.png Nanobots Medium Repairs x hull hitpoints in xs.
File:ES2-Consumable-NanobotsLarge-Icon.png Nanobots Large Repairs 800 hull hitpoints in 10s.
Sticky Turret A turret that sticks to rock surfaces only and fights for you.