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A basic container.

One man's waste is another man's treasure.
~ Hero  on looting containers

Containers are the main looting attraction in Everspace. There are several types of containers, each dropping resources, equipment, blueprints, credits, or ship decal colors. In regards to their origin, HIVE suggests that they were dropped by freighters or were left behind after the Colonial-Okkar War.

G&B containers, when looted, cause nearby G&B ships and turrets to turn hostile towards the looter, but this does not cause full hostility in the current sector.

List of Containers[]

Image Type Locations Drops
Everspace-Container-Basic.png Basic Container
G&B Container
Almost every point of interest. Opening G&B containers will cause nearby G&B units to turn hostile against the player. Resources, credits, blueprints, equipment, ship colors
Container-Equipment.png Equipment Container Secure containers Weapons or devices
Everspace-Container-Secure-Closed.png Secure Container Outlaw structures, derelict Colonial stations.
Requires access key to open.
Contains several basic containers and one equipment container.
Everspace-Container-Tech.png Tech Container Almost every point of interest, marked as G&B container on G&B stations. All kinds of equipment, blueprints, ship colors
Container-SpecialTech.png Special Tech Container Locked in derelict Colonial stations.
Requires access key to get to it.
Enhanced and modified weapons or devices