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Disambig.png For crafting in Everspace, see Crafting.

Crafting is a main mechanic in Everspace 2 which is unlocked by having a Cargo Unit equipped. Crafting provides a use for weapons and modules that can be considered as bad, useless, or outdated, with the ability to turn them into better gear which can replace outdated equipment or avoid some grinding for or buying that item.

Crafting can be accessed by holding down the Menu Action 2 button on an empty inventory slot, which is 'R' by default on a keyboard. If there is no empty slot, crafting is not available (modification still is however).

A complete overhaul of the crafting & blueprints system is expected to be released with an upcoming update.


In order to start crafting and modifying after equipping a cargo unit, equipment needs to be dismantled which will give rarity-specific components and crafting XP. XP is needed to unlock blueprints of each unique equipment of each rarity. Once the blueprint is unlocked, it can then be crafted with components, increasing in cost as the rarity increases.

Existing items can also be modified in three different ways:

  1. Increase rarity - increases the rarity by one. This can only be done once on a specific item and can't be done on superior or legendary items.
  2. Upgrade level - increases the level of the item by one. This can only be done once and can't go above the player's level.
  3. Adapt item - decreases the level of the item down to the player's current level. This allows use of looted items that are a higher level than the player. This can't be done if the item has a level that is the same or is lower than the player's.

Crafted or modified items will be labeled with an "Improvised" tag which means it cannot be modified further, but can still be dismantled.

Dismantling yields[]

Dismantling yields may differ based on bonus from cargo units. Needs to be tested.

  • Common items are dismantled into two types of components - one circuitry and one spare part and ten common crafting xp.
  • Uncommon items are dismantled into one power coupling, two of both common components, and ten uncommon crafting xp.
  • Rare items are dismantled into one quantum processor, two power couplings, four of both common components, and ten rare crafting xp.
  • Superior items are dismantled into one starcharged conduit, two quantum processors, four power couplings, seven spare parts with a chance for an additional seven circuitry, and ten superior crafting xp.

Crafting costs[]

  • Crafting common items needs three circuitry and three spare parts.
  • Crafting uncommon items needs six of both common components and three power couplings.
  • Crafting rare items items needs 12 of both common components, six power couplings, and three quantum processors.
  • Crafting superior items needs needs 21 of both common components, 12 power couplings, six quantum processors, and three starcharged conduits.

Modification costs[]

  • Increasing the rarity of an item costs three components of the resulting rarity of the item.
  • Upgrading the level of an item increases in cost based on the rarity like crafting:
    • Upgrading common items needs two circuitry and two spare parts.
    • Upgrading uncommon items needs four of both common components and two power couplings.
    • Upgrading rare items items needs eight of both common components, four power couplings, and two quantum processors.
    • Upgrading superior items needs 14 of both common components, eight power couplings, four quantum processors, and two starcharged conduits.
  • Adapting an item is half the cost of upgrading it.