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ES2-Characters-HIVE-Icon.png A direct monetary reward for your endeavors.
~ HIVE  on credits

Credits are the currency in the Everspace universe. While in the hangar and the in-game equipment menu, the current amount of credits can be seen in the bottom left corner of the screen. While in third-person, the current amount of credits is shown below the fuel at the top right of the screen. In the first-person view, it is shown in the center section of the cockpit's hud, on the right.

Obtaining credits[]

Credits can be obtained by:

  • Looting dropped credits from destroyed ships
  • Looting from various wrecks and derelicts, and sometimes credits can be randomly adrift in space.
  • Looting containers
  • Completing missions for certain Characters
  • Completing random G&B missions
  • Selling resources to traders and service stations
  • Scanning Wrecks
  • Completing Challenges
  • Scanning Extraplanetary Lifeforms
  • At the end of a run, a credit bonus is awarded based on the sector reached:
  • $500 per sector on easy, $800 per on normal, and $1000 per on hard.

Using credits[]

During a run, credits can be used to:

At the end of a run, regardless of how it ended, credits can be spent on unlocking or buying Perks, or unlocking the other ships in the hangar. Unspent credits are lost upon beginning a new run.