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Crin Gorc
Crin Gorc
Birth Year:
Capital Warship
Voice Actor (English):
Andres Crump
Voice Actor (German):
Kai Henrik Möller

Crin Gorc was a First Admiral of the Colonial Fleet. He is the last major adversary and antagonist that Hero faces in the story of Everspace.

Story Summary[]

Crin Gorc was the driving force behind most of the story events. After capturing Adam Roslin and Seth Nobu, he offered them a deal: decoding the Okkar genome in exchange for amnesty. However, once that was completed, he needed more from them With a deep hatred for the Okkar, he asked them to help with his plan of reigniting the war with the Okkar. Seth accepted, but Adam refused and so was poisoned with a cytotoxin and forced to work. Adam's escape to the secret lab in Sector 7 resulted in Hero and all the other clones. Hero only first recalls his memories of Gorc in Flashback six. After repairing all DNA fragments, the Admiral's warship jumps in to kill the clone to prevent any more damage to Gorc's plans. It appears that Gorc has had success in cloning Okkar (as was part of his plan), as he launches Okkar Clone Fighters to aid him in the battle. However, Hero defeats him using the missile silo, causing a massive explosion that destroys the lab and the current clone.


Similar to a standard Colonial warship, it is impossible to destroy with conventional weaponry. However, Hero uses energy cores from the turrets in Sector 7 to power a massive missile silo. It takes four missiles to take down the warship, but these must hit while the warship's shields are down, otherwise they will have no effect. Gorc has to disable the warship's shields to charge his powerful thermal beam, which will instantly destroy the player's ship unless behind solid cover. He repositions the ship after the first missile hit. If the player dies while fighting Gorc, any damage done to his hull will carry over to the next run - Gorc is still there waiting for the clones.

The Okkar Clone Fighters that he launches appear to be equipped with Shock Rifles and Corrosion Missiles. They are more powerful than the standard Okkar fighters and have very strong shielding.

In the Codex[]

Codex Entry
First Admiral Crin Gorc is a leading figure of the Colonial Fleet currently in command of seven capital ships and some 128,000 personnel in Cluster 34. Born on Ganymede Station (Sol System, Jupiter) in 2975, he became a ward of the Fleet at the age of 8 following the loss of his family during an alien attack on their transit to Cluster 17. To aid him through the trauma of loss, he was placed in a Zen monastery in Ulaanbatar where he spent his formative years studying alien archaeology and displaying little interest in meditation or the monastic life. His talent for alien languages led him to decrypt the Shin-Yoo artifact at the age of 18, an accomplishment which made his name in scientific circles and gave Colonial diplomats a key edge in averting a catastrophic war with the Phoebii.

Gorc enlisted with the Fleet to broaden his horizons and open the possibility for some new learning, although rumor that some of his family were still alive may have been a motivating factor for his decision. He rose quickly through the ranks and became admiral by the age of 43, a record for the Fleet. He is credited as being a peace-maker, although noted for his hot-headedness in high-stress situations. This behavior may have led to his biggest blunders during the war with the Okkar, when his divisions suffered the heaviest losses on the field of battle. Having lost face, he argued with the Fleet Council repeatedly to eradicate the Okkar threat by any means necessary, but was broadly out-voted. Despite the Council recommending his reassignment to a separate cluster, he remains in Cluster 34 close to the area of his greatest defeats, ostensibly to continue research into artifacts of the Ancients civilization in the area.


  • Gorc was partly designed or named by backers of the $7,000 dollar tier "Space God" on the Everspace Kickstarter