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The DNA analysis screen in the hanger, with 0 DNA fragments repaired.

DNA is a unique story-related resource that is only found by killing other clones in Everspace.


DNA is unlocked after reaching Sector 7 for the first time, and defeating Seth Nobu's forces. Hero, the Adam Roslin clone that the player controls, needs to collect all 8 DNA fragments in order to have a normal human lifespan. Otherwise, the clone will die after a short period of time, as a result of mistakes made in the DNA sequencing by Adam. In order to repair a DNA fragment, the player must complete the run without dying. During this phase of the game, Sector 7 will have several Outlaw scavengers that must be defeated before entering the lab. Dying before entering the lab will result in the loss of any DNA on board.

After successfully repairing all 8 DNA fragments, Admiral Gorc's warship will jump in, which the player must defeat in order to fully beat the story.


DNA is shown on the map with this icon:


That marks the location of another Adam Roslin clone. Destroying the clone drops a single DNA fragment. Multiple clones/DNA fragments can be found in a single run.