The image of the demilitarized zone in the codex

The Demilitarized Zone (or DMZ for short) is the location that the player travels through in Everspace. Many different factions and characters can be found while traversing the DMZ.

Lore, in the Codex

Demilitarized Zone Entry
Upon arrival in Cluster 34 in the early 31st Century (C.E. Sol), the Colonial Fleet's first encounter with the equally matched Okkar race proved disastrous, leading to all-out conflict and widespread mutual destruction. This put an abrupt halt to unchecked Colonial expansion for the first time since it began. The current uneasy pace is upheld by the imposition of a demilitarized zone between the two factions, administered and patrolled by the Okkar, the territory's prior claimants. Colonial mining operations have been allowed to continue as part of the arrangement.
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