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Denara Roslin
Denara Roslin
Birth Year:
Light Fighter
Voice Actor (English):
Lisa Jackson
Voice Actor (German):
Nina Sophie Schwabe
Radio Denara.png Let's just say I'm an old friend.
~ Denara  talking to Hero

Denara Roslin was a freelance pilot in Everspace and Adam Roslin's sister.

Story Summary[]

Hero (the player) encounters Denara several times while traveling to Adam Roslin's lab after reaching Sector 4 for the first time. Her ship is only indentified as "???". She is interested in saving Adam, so she helps the player out in various ways. What she helps with is random or can be based on any of the player's current needs:

  • Give Fuel
  • Give Nanobots
  • Give supplies
  • Jump in to support the player with fights in a zone (flees when nearly destroyed)

When Hero reaches Sector 7 for the first time, she jumps in also and together they investigate, though they are quickly confronted by Seth Nobu, which is when her identity is revealed to Hero. Denara attempts to attack Seth after some dialogue, but moves straight into an ambush and is killed.


Denara's ship is an unknown light-fighter class ship. The only part of her equipment known is that she appears to use a Pulse Laser in her final fight.

In the Codex[]

Codex Entry
Denara Roslin is a freelance pilot operating in the Beltegrade Cluster. Born on Hector Delannoy Station in 3016, she is one of two children of renowned genetic researcher Dr. Kirk Roslin and his wife Christine Roslin. Roslin completed her basic training at Fleet academy and is highly proficient with interceptors. However, she did not pursue a Fleet career and now works protecting interstellar trade convoys.