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Deserted Mining Station is a site in the G&B Mining Fields region of the Ceto system in Everspace 2. This location has a large asteroid formation with an abandoned station built into the top of it. There is a location challenge here to blow up a special rigged asteroid, which will reward the player with a Mainframe Expansion as well as the resources from the asteroid.

Notable Loot[]

Secrets map image
# Type Notes
1 Wreck Located off to the side of the main station
2 Container Located near the Wreck
3 Rigged Asteroid Location challenge. Four explosive charges are needed to fill the sockets on the asteroid.
  • One can be easily found on the station, but it is attached. To get it off, shoot a breakable panel below it to reveal a red button. Shooting the button will release the charge.
  • The second is also at the station, but is hidden behind another breakable wall - keep an eye out for a blinking light. Alongside this charge is one of two power cores.
  • The third is below the station, inside a small opening.
  • The last charge is behind a metal wall and pipes built into an asteroid below the rigged asteroid. This one is harder to get to and requires powering up a mining laser to destroy a hardened ore patch blocking the way to get the charge. The laser needs two power cores - one that is found near the second explosive charge, and one that is found near the fourth charge and the wall. Plug the cores into the laser and after a few moments the ore patch will be destroyed (dropping clymouth) revealing an entrance to get the last charge.
  • Once all charges are inserted into their sockets on the rigged asteroid, they need to be activated within a 10 second time period (refreshed each activation) to blow up the asteroid, which then drops Clygon and Clygon Cores and completes the challenge.


  • G&B Turret - despite being abandoned, the station's turrets are still active and will turn hostile if fired upon.
  • If the location is revisited, there will be several groups of Outlaws.