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Disambig.png For devices in Everspace, see Devices.

Devices in Everspace 2 are active abilities with a cooldown after they are used. There are two types: Warfare and Support. Warfare devices are vital tools for handling tougher enemies or large groups whereas support devices will help a pilot to survive longer. Some devices will need a target that is in range to function, others can be activated in any situation. Devices do not require energy to use and do not recharge while docked at a station.

Devices can be upgraded to unlock different device modes with an upgrade token, received at level-ups.

List of Warfare Devices[]

Icon Name Description
Annihilator Virus Infects the target with a virus that spreads to nearby targets every 2.0s. After 10s, all affected ships suffer 385 damage.
Corrosion Injector Afflicts the target with corrosion, dealing 21 damage per second directly to the hull for 14 seconds.
EMP Generator Creates an electro-magnetic pulse in a 500m radius around the ship, disabling all targets for 8s.
Magnetic Repulsor Pushes the target towards the aim direction. Target receives 100% increased collision damage for 5s.
Quantum Entangler When activated, any damage done to the user will also be applied to the target with 50% increased intensity for 18s.

List of Support Devices[]

Icon Name Description
Energized Boost Instantly catapults the ship forward for 4s.
Missile Defense System Destroys all incoming missiles in a 300m radius around the user's ship for 10s.
Nano Transmitter Repairs the ship's hull for 30% of the damage dealt while active (7s).
Teleporter Instantly teleports the ship 600m forward.
Temporal Nano Recompensator Restores 50% of damage taken in the last 12.0s
Fusion Hook Attaches to surfaces within 2000m and pulls the user toward the target location at high speed.