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Disambig.png This article is about devices from Everspace 2. For devices from Everspace, see Devices.

Devices in Everspace 2 are active abilities with a cooldown after they are used. There are two types: Warfare and Support. Warfare devices are vital tools for handling tougher enemies or large groups whereas support devices will help a pilot to survive longer. Some devices will need a target that is in range to function, others can be activated in any situation. Devices do not require energy to use.

Devices can be upgraded to unlock different device modes with an upgrade token, received at level-ups.

List of Warfare Devices

Icon Name Description
Annihilator Virus
Corrosion Injector
EMP Generator
Magnetic Repulsor
Quantum Entangler

List of Support Devices

Icon Name Description
Energized Boost
Missile Defense System
Nano Transmitter
Temporal Nano Recompensator