Everspace Wiki

There are three standard difficulties in Everspace: Easy, Normal, and Hard. There is also Hardcore, which is more like a different mode rather than a fourth difficulty, but is considered much harder than hard difficulty. Easier difficulties can allow for easier story progression, but give fewer credits resulting in slower upgrade progression.

Difficulty differences[]

Aspects Easy Normal Hard
Description Cling to your life The way you're meant to die Better off dead
Credits -25% Standard +25%
Threat Levels Lower Standard Higher
Resources More Standard Less
Okkar armada & warship arrival 15 mins 8 mins 4-5 mins
Traders, Service Stations More Standard Less
Natural hazards Fewer Standard More
Enemy accuracy Lower Standard Higher
Jump Suppressors Fewer Standard More
Elite enemies Fewer Standard More
Black holes Fewer Standard More
Mines Fewer Standard More
Collision damage Reduced Standard Standard
Blueprint chance Standard Standard Higher