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Edge of the Universe
Edge of the Universe
Suggested level:
500 experience
Mission Source:
Previous Mission:
Next Mission:
Outlaw Scout, Outlaw Drone, Outlaw Webber Drone

Edge of the Universe is a main mission in Everspace 2. To prevent any further Outlaw incursions into the homebase, Hero needs to activate several signal distractors nearby in Ceto. Starting this mission will unlock all sites in the Home Turf region in Ceto.


This mission will be acquired while still inside the hangar after completing the previous mission, revealing locations in the Home Turf region. After leaving Homebase, there will be markers on three locations outside of Rhodia II, each having a bean bag to repair. These can be done in any order, but Union Bridge is a level one area while Ceto Outskirts and Rhodia Orbit are level two. Use your jump drive to leave Rhodia II and head towards one of the markers. Once you repair all the bean bags, return to Homebase to complete the mission. While returning to base, Hero looks into Dax's past via the station's AI and discovers that he was part of a mutiny and the murder of his superior officer Gabbart Voight, along with Lt. Maddocks.

Union Bridge[]

You don't have to go to the trading outpost, but it may have useful starting equipment, such as a cargo unit. When you reach the bean bag, Dax will warn you not to get close as Outlaws have set a trap for scavengers with a power unit. Once you do get close or shoot at the waiting ships, they will become hostile. There will be an Outlaw Scout, Outlaw Webber Drone, and Outlaw Drone. Activating the bean bag here is simple, just fly up close and hold the interact key shown in the prompt.

Ceto Outer Rim[]

After jumping into the area, you will see an orange marker jumping around the area. Try to follow it to find the bean bag. You can also visit the Flying Dutchess for your first challenge, Outlaw Hunt 1. The bean bag will be on a small asteroid near a large wreck far past the Dutchess, infested by Hydra Anemone. Shoot the hydras to clear them out. After they're all gone, go up close to the bean bag and activate it.

Rhodia Orbit[]

Getting to the bean bag is simple when you get here, but the bean bag will need more repairs than the other two. A short cutscene will play, projecting the path of two broken-off antennae. You will need to extrapolate from the short projection given and follow those lines to where the antennae are. Once you get close enough a marker will appear showing where one is. Fly up close and grab them, then fly them back to the bean bag. They will automatically reattach themselves when you get close enough to the bean bag. If one of the antennae accidentally float out of bounds you can leave and re-enter the site to reset their locations.


  • Go to Rhodia Orbit
    • Reach the Bean Bag
      • Find and reassemble all the missing parts (2)
        • Activate Bean Bag
  • Go to Ceto Outer Rim
    • Follow the Wayward Marker
      • Clear the infested bean bag
        • Activate the bean bag
    • OPTIONAL: Visit the trader in Ceto Outer Rim
  • Go to Union Bridge
    • Reach the bean bag
      • Take out the ambushers
        • Activate Bean Bag
  • Return to homebase

Codex Entry[]


The three signal distractors, so-called bean bags, that Dax has set up to hide the location of his base are not working anymore. I need to check on all of them and fix them.

Upon Completion:[]

I've managed to fix the three signal distractors that Dax had set up to hide the location of our base.