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Outlaw - The Coalition
Birth Year:
Medium Fighter-Class
Operating in the DMZ
Voice Actor (English):
Ralph Fellows
Voice Actor (German):
Till Huster
Characters-Elek-Icon.png I am Elek, mighty Outlaw.
~ Elek  introducing himself to Hero

Elek is a high-ranking Outlaw operating in Coalition, a major clan in the Demilitarized Zone in Everspace. Elek was rescued by the Coalition from being sold as a pet on the black market, and has since climbed its ranks, with help from Hero. By the end of his questline, he is a councilor, overseeing raids on hostile clans. Elek has married five times and supposedly has 26 children.

Codex Entry[]

"Elek" is the name of a male Horag Outlaw operating in the DMZ. Nothing is known of his exact origins, but it is believed that due to his small stature and fury appearance, he was captured and listed on the black market as an exotic pet before being freed by Outlaw raiders. He has since become extremely loyal to the clan which rescued him, the Coalition, and has rapidly ascended its ranks. The list of crimes attributed to the Coalition is ever-growing, although Elek seems to be more involved in strategic planning of operations and rarely gets involved directly in firefights himself. Since joining the clan, Elek has married five times and now has a sizeable brood which he is raising to follow in his footsteps.


After encountering him for the first time, Elek sequentially gives the player five tasks to assist him with, all with the goal of helping the Coalition grow. Completing all tasks permanently unlocks a chance for Elek and Coalition outlaws to jump in to help the player with combat and the rest of the current zone.

# Task Notes Reward
1 Destroy the defenses of an Outlaw station and secure the weapon containers. Destroy the shield generators on the asteroid base to get in, and destroy the turrets defending the containers. Leftovers from the containers
2 Raid a G&B convoy (three freighters) and set containers free. Destroy the large cargo units on each freighter to free the containers. Destroy the jump drives/engines first to stop them from jumping away, but make sure not to destroy the ship entirely, which will blow up the containers. Each freighter is guarded by several G&B fighters. $1,000 for each recovered container (2 per freighter), for a possible total of $6,000
3 Destroy Grey Goo swarms infesting a zone with an abandoned Outlaw outpost. Elek provides Damage Limiters which significantly reduce the damage from the destruction of a Grey Goo swarm. $
4 Raid a rival clan and kill their chief, Zack. Stay far enough away to avoid detection and wait for the chief to reach the debris field.

However, he will still send an emergency signal and the rest of the clan will start targeting you and Elek's forces.

$3,500 and loot from the battle.
5 Raid another rival clan, the Phantom Retaliators (clear several outposts). Elek and the Coalition will fight with the player, moving as a group.

The player can choose to fight together or solo.

$10,000, and Elek and other Coalition ships now have a chance to jump in and help in combat.


  • Completing all of Elek's missions will award the "Nobody Expects the Coalition" achievement.


  • The Coalition's name and logo are based on a streamer named CohhCarnage.