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Disambig.png This article is about enemies in Everspace 2. For enemies in Everspace, see Enemies.

Enemies in Everspace 2 are the variety of neutral or hostile ships that Hero encounters throughout his journey through Cluster 34 and the Demilitarized Zone. Typically each is one of several specific Factions.

Similarly to player ships, enemy fighters can be grouped into light, medium, and heavy fighter classes. However, there are also larger capital ships of varying size in some factions which are much larger than standard fighters, and drones which are somewhat smaller than fighters. Each enemy has a unique set of equipment and attributes.

Enemies by Faction[]


  • None currently.


  • Colonial Light Cruiser


  • G&B Fighter
  • G&B Fighter
  • G&B Freighter
  • Rail Turret


  • Okkar Corvette
  • Okkar Drone
  • Okkar Fighter
  • Okkar Interceptor
  • Okkar Shield Charge Drone
  • Okkar Jump Suppressor Drone


  • Outlaw Armor Drone
  • Outlaw Bomber
  • Outlaw Bomb Thrower
  • Outlaw Demolisher
  • Outlaw Destroyer
  • Outlaw Detonator Drone
  • Outlaw Drone
  • Outlaw Madcap
  • Outlaw Madcap Pod
  • Outlaw Missile Drone
  • Outlaw Missile Turret
  • Outlaw Missile Silo
  • Outlaw Ravager
  • Outlaw Scout
  • Outlaw Proto Scout
  • Outlaw Sniper Drone
  • Outlaw Turret
  • Outlaw Viper
  • Outlaw Webber Drone


  • Freelancer
  • Freelancer Cargo Carrier


  • Bloodstar Chief

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