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Equipment can be crafted using resources or found in containers. There are 5 types of equipment, primary weapons, secondary weapons, devices, consumables, and mods.

Note: These lists are not complete. Please help expand them with any equipment modules you find!

Note 2: Please, bear it in mind, the Resources stated here for crafting equipment is without any level at Crafting Costs Perk.

Primary Weapons

Beam Laser OK Beam Laser II Beam Laser III
Coil Gun Coil Gun II OK Coil Gun III
Flak Cannon OK Flak Cannon II OK Flak Cannon III
Fusion Blaster Fusion Blaster II Fusion Blaster III
Gatling OK Gatling II OK Gatling III
Pulse Laser OK Pulse Laser II Pulse Laser III
Scatter Gun OK Scatter Gun II Scatter Gun III
Shock Rifle OK Shock Rifle II Shock Rifle III
Thermo Gun OK Thermo Gun II Thermo Gun III

Secondary Weapons


Active Devices

Cloak Cloak MK2 Cloak MK3
Energized Boost OK Energized Boost MK2 Energized Boost MK3
Energy Discharger Energy Discharger MK2 Energy Discharger MK3
Front Shield Generator OK Front Shield Generator MK2 Front Shield Generator MK3
Mainframe Override Mainframe Override MK2 Mainframe Override MK3
Missile Defense System Missile Defense System MK2 OK Missile Defense System MK3
Shield Disruptor Shield Disruptor MK2 Shield Disruptor MK3
Teleporter OK Teleporter MK2 Teleporter MK3
Time Extender OK Time Extender MK2 Time Extender MK3
Weapon Overdrive OK Weapon Overdrive MK2 Weapon Overdrive MK3

Passive Devices

Energy Core Extension OK Energy Core Extension MK2 Energy Core Extension MK3
Hull Enhancer OK Hull Enhancer MK2 OK Hull Enhancer MK3
Shield OK Shield MK2 Shield MK3
Shield XC Shield XC MK2 Shield XC MK3
Sub-Routine: Daredevil OK
Sub-Routine: Devastator
Sub-Routine: Jump Drive OK
Sub-Routine: Propulsion
Tractor Beam OK Tractor Beam MK2 Tractor Beam MK3


Anti-Missile Drone OK
Damage Booster OK Damage Booster MK2 OK Damage Booster MK3
Damage Limiter OK Damage Limiter MK2 Damage Limiter MK3
Drone Override OK
Energy Injector OK Energy Injector MK2 Energy Injector MK3
Jump Stabilizer OK
Nano Kit OK
Plasma Mine OK Plasma Mine MK2 OK Plasma Mine MK3
Scanning Probe OK
Shield Booster OK Shield Booster MK2 Shield Booster MK3
Shield Charge Drone OK
Webber Drone OK


Primary Weapons and Devices can be upgraded in your inventory with modifications via the blueprints you have obtained in earlier runs.

Weapons Mods OK

Devices Mods OK

Obtaining New Equipment

Before the run, you can choose more of them with the Bonus Equipment perk.

In the run, you can craft new equipment in your inventory via the blueprints you have obtained in earlier runs, and resources.

You will stumble upon new equipment inside crates, dropped by fallen enemies, or buyed from Trader ships or trading posts.

Colonial Interceptor Equipment

Your Colonial Interceptor ship starts with: