Everspace 2
Rockfish Games
Unreal Engine 4
PC, Xbox, Playstation
Release date(s)
January 18, 2021 (Early Access)
Action, Open World, Space

Everspace 2 is an upcoming fast-paced open-world space shooter (singleplayer only) being developed by Rockfish Games, to be released on PC and console platforms. It is the direct sequel to Everspace, but is leaving the rogue-like elements behind.



  • Open-world space exploration
  • Cover large distances using Supralight travel
  • Arcade-like space combat
  • Classic RPG elements
  • Diablo-like loot system


See also: Updates (ES2).
The entire roadmap was recently pushed back, so the future release dates below may be inaccurate.

Released and planned updates for Everspace 2:

  • Some key points of development were only available to certain backer tiers:
    • Prototype, released December 17th, 2019. Originally available to backers of the "Standard Edition" (€40) tier or higher, but it can now be publicly downloaded on Steam.
    • Closed Alpha, released June 15th, 2020. Available to backers of the "First Flush Edition" (€80) tier or higher.
    • Closed Beta, released September 25, 2020. Available to backers of the "Early Adopter Edition" (€70) tier or higher, and the "Just the Game, Please!" (€30) tier or higher as of November 2nd, 2020.
  • Early Access launch (Steam only), planned for January 18, 2021.
    • Major Update 1 - 2021
    • Major Update 2 - 2021
    • Major Update 3 - 2021
  • Full Release - 2022

System Requirements

  • TBA

Game Support & Troubleshooting

This wiki is not used for game support. It is best to ask on the Steam forums, the official forums, or on the official Discord.

On a Windows 10 OS, save games, hi-res screenshots, configs, and crash logs can be found at C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\ES2\Saved.

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