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Extraplanetary Lifeforms are various forms of space-faring flora and fauna found in Everspace. Once you have completed the mission related to each specific species for Throng, you will be able to scan each for 200 Credits each.

In the Codex

Extraplanetary Lifeforms
Cluster 34 is rich in a wide variety of flora and fauna, many of which have not vet been properly classified. From the common Asteroid Crawler to the extremely rare Lightning Orchid, the range of life which can be found outside planetary atmospheres can be surprising and mostly go unnoticed by travelers. Some species, such as the treacherous Grey Goo, are barely understood and defy closer study. Other species, such as the Scrap Anemone, are considered new to science and have evolved to take advantage of the growing amount of debris left in parts of the galaxy as a result of Colonial expansion. It is believed that there are many millions of other micro-organisms which have yet to be isolated and classified, but Colonial research grants have been unfortunately insufficient for this gigantic task. It is hoped that a prolonged period of peace in Cluster 34 in the future might allow more research in lieu of defense expenditure.

List of Lifeforms

Image Mission # Common Name Scientific Name Location Description
Lifeform-GreenGoo.png 1 Green Goo Veruveridica Astralia Large Asteroids A greenish slime attached to the sides of large asteroids. Shooting it will make it enlarge more and more until it explodes. If the player is too close, it will deal a small amount of damage. Doing this with the Goo Gun will award the Gooey Mess Achievement. According to Mester Throng, it has nearly translucent mitochondria.
Lifeform-IceClinger.png 2 Ice Clinger Crescienda Astraglacies Ice Asteroids A growth under the surface of ice asteroids. Marked by dark lines that glimmer in light on ice asteroids. There are often several in a group together.
Lifeform-AsteroidCrawler.png 3 Asteroid Crawler Serpericum Cometa Ore Asteroids A large worm-like organism that burrows into ore asteroids. Destroying an ore asteroid with one inside will cause it to come out with a sound effect. According to Throng, they can escape to and burrow into other ore asteroids if present. You can kill them for various resources.
Lifeform-LightningOrchid2.png 4 Lightning Orchid Orchis Fulguralis Asteroids in lightning fields A rare plant-like organism attached to sides of asteroids inside lightning fields, with "roots" anchoring them to the surface.
Ancients-Splitter1.png 5 Ancient Splitters Unknown Anywhere A mysterious organism and remnant of the Ancients. It splits into three smaller pieces when destroyed, and consists of dark energy, which the three smaller splits drop when destroyed. Most common at Ancient Depot locations. Read more related to this here.
Lifeform-ScrapAnemone.png 6 Scrap Anemone Floscaluta Petrificum Debris fields A scavenger species that feeds on the remains of space battles. When shot at, it will 'retreat' and will no longer be visible.
400px 7 Plasma Jellyfish Nubivagant Asmareirei Plasma fields An organism similar to jellyfish species on Earth. It is comprised of and survives on plasma. If the field they are in is completely harvested, they will die soon after..
Everspace-GreyGoo-Screenshot.jpg 8 Grey Goo Unknown Later sectors This is the final organism Throng asks you to scan. They are a mass of self-replicating nanobots. Read more here.