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There are a total of five distinct major factions in the Demilitarized Zone and the Everspace and Everspace 2 universe. Hero encounters all of them in various forms throughout the Demilitarized Zone.

List of Major Factions[]

Image Name Subfaction(s) Basic Description
Everspace-Codex-Ancients.png Ancients Ancients are a mysterious ancient race. They appear to consist of dark energy. Once a powerful and far-reaching empire several thousand years ago, all that remains is ruins - the Ancient Warp Gates. Ancient artifacts can also be found in Ancient Rifts. They also appear to be revered by the Okkar.
Everspace-Codex-ColonialFleet.png Colonials The Colonials or Colonial Fleet are the means behind human expansion, originating from the Sol System. They are predominantly human, although other unknown races take part in the fleet. Before the end of the Colonial - Okkar War, the fleet made extensive use of cloning technology to help aid the expansion and war efforts. Remains of Colonial forces are seen all over the sectors, but encounters with Colonial enemies are rare, due to the peace treaty between the Colonials and the Okkar not permitting them access to the Demilitarized Zone. However, they are actively pursuing Adam Roslin clones (namely Hero) because of the fact that he is a clone and the death of Admiral Gorc.
Everspace-Codex-G&BFaction.png Grady & Brunt Prospects Main Grady & Brunt Prospects is a major interstellar mining corporation. Their operations and freighters are frequently found throughout the Demilitarized Zone. They are the only mining corporation allowed to operate in the DMZ as per the peace treaty between the Colonials and the Okkar. As such, Okkar and G&B ships will not attack each other unless otherwise provoked.
G&B Mining The mining division of G&B in Cluster 34. Rewards the player with raw materials when gaining reputation ranks. Typical jobs include: ?
G&B Trading The trading division of G&B in Cluster 34. Rewards the player with commodities and other resources when gaining reputation ranks. Typical jobs include: rescuing freighters from Outlaw attacks, ?
G&B Defense The defense division of G&B in Cluster 34. Rewards the player with weapons and equipment when gaining reputation ranks. Typical jobs include: ?
Everspace-Codex-OkkarHomeworld.png Okkar The Okkar are one of five factions in the Everspace universe. They are a reptilian race native to Cluster 34 - they have nine desert homeworlds which are powered with Viridian Energy. with a long life span. A war with the Colonials upon their arrival to the cluster caused the creation of the Demilitarized Zone and the immense destruction seen throughout. They are automatically hostile towards the player and Outlaws and are encountered in almost every zone of each sector.
Everspace-Codex-Outlaws.png Outlaws Main The Outlaws faction consists of various small groups of humans and other unknown races. They are often seen roaming the Demilitarized Zone and Cluster 34 taking advantage of the wreckage left behind the Colonial - Okkar war. Most of them don't make a name for themselves due to their lack of presence and strength, but there are several noteworthy clans and individual leaders or chiefs.
The Coalition A powerful outlaw clan in the DMZ. Elek, a Horag rescued by the clan, rapidly rose to power in the clan thanks to help from Hero. In Everspace, they will randomly jump in and help Hero in a fight after Elek's missions have been completed.
Bloodstar A powerful clan stretching out across the entire Ceto system. However, two of their chiefs were both killed by Hero, as well as having their largest strongholds destroyed (particularly at Palaemon's Wound).


Some of the major factions in Everspace 2 have subfactions which provide access to jobs specific to that subfaction. Completing a subfaction's job awards reputation. After reaching a certain threshold of reputation, the player's status in that subfaction will rank up, with several rewards. The player starts as a Freelancer, progressing upwards to Proven, Trusted, Friend, Partner, and finally Allied.

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