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Grady & Brunt Factories are large structures that are randomly found throughout the DMZ in Everspace. Similarly to Service Stations, they offer several services and are owned by G&B.


The activation prompt for each power unit

Before the player is able to access the services listed below, they must first activate several power units scattered around the factory by flying close to each one and pressing the interact key. After activation, the services will be activated and G&B freighters will start jumping in and out.

There is a rare (10%) chance of a factory already being powered up.


Each factory has at least two services, the Ship Tuning Station and Refinery, with a chance for a third: the Repair Bay. If G&B is hostile to the player or there are Outlaws nearby, the services will be unavailable and special factory turrets will fire at any enemies to the G&B.

Similarly to Service Stations, services will be closed when enemies to G&B are nearby or if they consider the player hostile. Factories are equipped with Factory Defense System missile turrets.

Tuning Station[]

The tuning station offers a choice between three random temporary or permanent (in the current run) upgrades in exhange for credits or resources. Once selected, upgrades can be viewed in the Data screen in the menu, in the "Ship Upgrades" tab. There are 17 total upgrades, listed below:

The Tuning Station

The Refinery

The Repair Bay

Name Description Duration (minutes) Max Crystal Price Max Credit Price
Descrambler Removes the need for access keys. This run 60 1260
Hull Plating Increases your ship's armor by 5%. This run 40 840
Collision Dampeners Reduces collision damage by 50%. This run 50 1050
Component Casings Your ship's components can no longer be damaged. This run 60 1260
Consumable Slot Adds a consumable slot to your ship. This run 60 1260
Device Coolant System Temporarily reduces active device cooldowns by 50%. 10 40 840
Device Slot Adds a device slot to your ship. This run 60 1260
Drone Slot Increases the drone limit by one. This run 60 1260
Energy Core Overcharge Temporarily grants unlimited energy. 10 50 1050
Consumable Rack Doubles the maximum amount of consumables per slot. This run 60 1260
Ammo Extension Doubles the maximum ammunition of all secondary weapons slots. This run 60 1260
Nanobot Canister Increases your ship's nanobot capacity by 10. This run 60 1260
Primary Weapon Slot Adds a primary weapon slot to your ship. This run 60 1260
Secondary Weapon Slot Adds a secondary weapon slot to your ship. This run 60 1260
Sensor Overcharge Temporarily grants unlimited sensor range. 10 50 1050
Damage Amplifier Temporarily triples the damage of primary and secondary weapons. 6 50 1050
Webbing Distorter Removes the effect of Webber Drones on the ship. This run 60 1260


The refinery is a resource-only trading service, where the player can trade a certain amount of a resource for one of a different resource.

Repair Bay[]

The repair bay is a small tunnel with several transparent 'panels' that, when flown into, repair the hull a small amount and also repair components.