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Disambig.png For G&B in Everspace 2, see Grady & Brunt Prospects/Everspace 2.

Grady & Brunt Prospects in Everspace are a neutral faction encountered in almost every zone of each sector.


A screenshot of a mining laser at a G&B mining operation, with the fuel tanks of another G&B structure visible.

G&B ships and structures can be found in almost every sector and zone, often being attacked by Outlaws. Many mining operations can be found, with mining in progress. You can stop by and pick up dropped Ore or Gas from the mining lasers before the mining drones pick it up, without negative repercussions from G&B. However, the large mining lasers (if accidentally flown into) will deal 400 hull and shield damage per second.

Service Stations are owned and operated by G&B. There are also large, unpowered G&B Factories. Once powered up, G&B freighters will start jumping in and out of the factory, and the factory's services will open up.


All G&B ships and structure defenses are initially neutral (marked with yellow icons), but if attacked or their containers are broken by the player, nearby G&B ships and turrets will become aggressive. Any attack (but not container looting) can also be reported, which makes them aggressive throughout the entire sector. This attack report will not carry over between deaths and the likelihood of them reporting the attack to other sectors can be decreased with the Diplomacy Perk.

The last two levels of the Diplomacy perk also enable G&B assistance to jump in and assist the player in fights against Outlaws. They will jump out as soon as all nearby threats are gone, and will not pursue other enemies like the Ancients from the Ancient Friends Glyph. If an attack has been reported, G&B can still jump in but will be hostile to the player.

Random Missions[]

Occasionally when jumping into a zone, HIVE will inform the player of a G&B freighter or ship in need of assistance. Completing a certain task for them will award credits. These missions can include:

  • Searching an area to find containers with missing products within a large area (usually 'towels' or 'goods', not real in-game resources) and delivering them to the freighter
    • These containers will not show up on the radar unless in very close proximity - try looking for the containers visually.
  • Clearing minefields around freighters
  • Protecting freighters or a G&B ship against an Outlaw attack

G&B Ships[]

There are several types of G&B ships. G&B ships have a yellow trail.

Image Type Description Equipment/Abilities Can be Elite?
G&B-LightFighter.png Light Fighter

G&B-Fighter.jpg Fighter

G&B-MiningDrone.png Mining Drone Small mining drones that collect resources (Ore or Gas) mined by mining lasers at G&B mining operations. Drops whatever it's carrying X
G&B-Freighter-Fuel.png Fuel Freighter Medium-size freighter with several large spherical containers that drop fuel when destroyed. -Comes with an escort of a few G&B ships
-Jumps away when in danger
Everspace-G&B-Freighter-Supplies.png Supplies Freighter Medium-size freighter with eight large rectangular containers that drop various equipment and resources when destroyed. Comes with an escort of a few G&B ships
-Jumps away when in danger
G&B-CreditsFreighter.jpg Credits Freighter Medium-size freighter with several large containers that drop credits when destroyed Comes with an escort of a few G&B ships
-Jumps away when in danger
G&B-ResourceFreighter.jpg Resource Freighter Medium-size freighter with six large containers that drop various resources when destroyed Comes with an escort of a few G&B ships
-Jumps away when in danger
G&B-EquipmentTransport.png Equipment Transport Medium-size freighter with eight large containers that drop various resources & equipment when destroyed. Can show up as a freighter requeesting resources for repairs. X



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