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A screenshot of a Grey Goo (Center). An Electric storm can be seen on the left.

Hero: That's an interesting lifeform, what is it?
HIVE: Curiously, I have no data about it.

The Grey Goo are groups of out-of-control self-replicating nanobot "bubbles". Once the player is spotted, it will continually chase. When within close enough proximity, it will start directly damaging ship's hulls (bypassing shields) similarly to Splitter Ancients. Shooting at it will drop a few Nanobots, but damaging it too much beyond that and many small nanobot "bubbles" will explode omnidirectionally outward. Neither threat level nor natural hazards change the spawn probability of grey goo.

The post-death explosion will almost certainly kill the player unless a Damage Limiter is used. This is essential for one of Elek's missions, where the player needs to eliminate several Grey Goo swarms.

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