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Gunship Heavy class ship

Disambig.png This article is about the subclass in Everspace 2. For the ship in Everspace, see Colonial Gunship.

A Gunship is a subclass of heavy fighter class ship in Everspace 2 that are intended to focus on high damage output with tank-like armor, sacrificing speed & maneuverability.

Ship Special Effect[]

Arsenal: Uses four primary hardpoints, effectively doubling both fire rate and energy consumption.


Turret: Automated turret that fires projectiles at your enemies for 20s after activation.

Equipment slots[]

  • Primary Weapons: 3
  • Secondary Weapons: 2
  • Consumables: 2
  • Devices: 2
  • Cargo: 24


  • Shield Bonus: 5%
  • Armor Bonus: 65%
  • Expertise: Armor damage reduction
  • Ship Speed: Unk
  • Handling: Unk


The following passive effects are currently available for Gunships:

  • Coil Gun turret
  • Pulse Laser turret.
  • Turret will also attack mines
  • 30% bonus damage against drones.
  • 50% reduced hull and armor repair costs.