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HIVE: Human Interface Virtual Entity
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Voice Actor (English):
Gavin Turnbull
Voice Actor (German):
Peter Weis

HIVE is the player's main "companion" in Everspace. HIVE stands for the Human Interface Virtual Entity, and is the ship's AI, which assists, advises, and banters with the player (Adam Roslin's clone, Hero).

The HIVE that the player interacts with is not the only HIVE in the universe - it is an AI installed in all Colonial ships and facilities via the AETERNA network. They adapt and can develop unique personalities, such as the player's HIVE's light sarcasm and some impatience.

In the Codex[]

HIVE's Codex Entry
The HIVE, Human Interface Virtual Entity, is a singular communication outlet of the AETERNA system to which it belongs. It is a standard installation in all Colonial crafts and quarters. HIVE interfaces are catered to its recipient. adopting a personality fitting to each attitude or projected relationship for the most efficient manner of communication. Not all HIVE's adapt in a cooperative manner, although they rarely become hostile to its user.

As part of AETERNA, the HIVE has full access to the entire compendium of the Colonial knowledge database, however will only share what is permitted by rank or clearance of its user. The wider system is overseen by human controllers with a "singularity switch" for shut-down in the case of dangerous conclusions drawn from its computing power.