Everspace Wiki

The Heads-up display or HUD in Everspace 2 provides the player with important information about their ship, character, and equipment.


The standard HUD in a location

This is the HUD while outside of a station. Besides the anchored hud elements listed below, points of interest and loot will also show up on your 'radar' as icons that show up in the screen or on the edges if they are off screen.

Top Left:

  • A small banner over the corner showing the current state and version of the game. This may go away in early access or after the full release.
  • Ultimate status. If it is completely yellow and glowing, that means it is fully charged. Otherwise, it will be a split between yellow/gray depending on the charge percentage.
  • Three health bars showing shield (blue), armor (orange), and hull (red) hitpoints (from top to bottom).

Top Center:

  • Buffs and debuffs (including damaged equipment) will show up here

Top Right:

  • Current amount of experience, Level, and progress to the next.


  • Targeting reticule
  • On the left of the reticule is the currently selected weapon's energy. When full, the bar will be dimmed.
  • On the right of the reticule is the ship's boosting energy. When full, the bar will be dimmed.

Bottom Left:

  • Equipped primary weapons, how many you have (dots at the bottom) and their rarity (border color). Switching weapons will also briefly show the selected weapon's name and DPS.
  • Equipped devices (default keys 1,2). Devices on cooldown will have a gray overlay corresponding with a timer on the icon. Devices that can't be used (like the Annihilator Virus that needs a target) will be dimmed with a red target reticle.

Bottom Right:

  • Equipped consumables (default keys 5,6,7,8). The icon shows what they are and there will be a number showing how many you have left (bottom right of icon).
  • Equipped secondary weapons. Has the same UI elements as the primary weapons to the left. Will show how many you currently have vs how many you can have max.


The cockpit HUD

HUD elements in the first-person view are built into the cockpit's model. There are multiple cockpit designs but here is an example.

Left Panel:

  • Equipped devices
  • Equipped primary weapons (with kinetic/energy DPS and energy level)

Center Panel:

  • Shield, Armor, and Hull health bars
  • A speedometer (unique to cockpit view) and the ship's Ultimate status

Right Panel:

  • Equipped consumables
  • Equipped secondary weapons


These settings allow customization of the HUD:

  • Most HUD elements seen in the standard HUD can be toggled off while in the cockpit view.
  • All HUD elements can be toggled off, with the H key by default on PC.