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Birth Year:
Voice Actor (English):
Ray Chase
Voice Actor (German):
Martin Sabel

Hero is the main playable character in Everspace and Everspace 2. He is a clone of Adam Roslin, but unlike other typical clones, also has Roslin's memories alongside the usual pilot skills.


Hero slowly regained his original's memories throughout the events of Everspace. He started with an unknown mission and a set of coordinates given to HIVE, his ship's onboard AI. New memories were shown in flashbacks (somewhat like dreams) before jumping into a new sector that the player hasn't reached before, with some narration by Hero, and other information is revealed in encounters with Seth Nobu and Denara Roslin. After finally reaching his final destination, Adam Roslin's secret lab, he met his original and discovered that in order to have a full lifespan, he needs to kill other clones for DNA fragments to repair the clone factory's cloning process. This took long enough for Colonial Fleet Admiral Gorc to find the secret lab and Hero right after successfully repairing his DNA. Because of Adam's and the clones' knowledge of his plans to start another war with the Okkar, he was determined to exterminate them. After defeating Admiral Gorc, Hero (and other clones, though seemingly there was no contact between them) was finally free for the moment.

Everspace 2[]

After escaping from that region of space and the secret lab. He started working for Grady & Brunt as a wingman (going by the name Ross Adamov) to earn a ticket outside of the DMZ. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned: he is captured by an Outlaw chief named Bolton during a mission and is once again hunted by Colonial forces. Hero meets several new friends and companions that help him out. Ben, his engineer friend from G&B; Dax, a once fellow captive of Chief Bolton; and Delia, a G&B doctor found in a cryopod.


As the player Levels up, new perks will unlock. One perk can be chosen and activated for each level tier, with a wide variety of effects.

Level Req. Perk Effect
5 Exit Strategy Receive 25% reduced damage while boosting
Close Call Instead of taking lethal damage a shield deploys that grants invincibility and lasts 10.0s. The ship must be docked to make the shield available again after use.
Defensive Massacre Killing an enemy instantly triggers your shield recharge.
10 Percussive Maintenance Incoming direct hull hits have a 3% chance to reduce a random device cooldown by 30%.
Downtime Warrior Weapons require 30% less energy for each device that is on cooldown.
Play it Safe Activating a device adds 4 charges of Reactive Armor, negating the damage of the next 4 impacts for 5.0s.
15 Excessive Force Primary weapons deal 30% increased energy damage while your shield is fully charged.
Crit Happens Critical hits have a 30% chance to create an explosion impact that damages the target and nearby enemies for 50% of the damage.
Relentless 20% increased weapon energy capacity for each installed warfare device.
20 Ulterior Motive 100% increased ULT generation while shield is depleted.
Unyeilding Assault Activating the ULT instantly repairs 50% of armor and removes all debuffs.
Critical Faculty Critical hits have a 30% chance to restore 1% ULT energy.

Other Adam Roslin Clones[]

Hero is not the only Adam Roslin clone in the universe. As a result of the cloning procedure Adam Roslin set in motion, there are many of them wandering the universe after the end of the events of Everspace. They also have full lifespans, thanks to the efforts of Hero repairing all of the DNA fragments. However, before all the DNA fragments were repaired it seems that some clones had different errors in DNA, as Hero had to kill other clones in order to get corrected fragments. Upon reaching the end of the Demilitarized Zone after defeating Admiral Gorc, the clones scattered to different places, each one choosing to jump to nearby inhabited planets, stations, or research labs. It is currently unknown what will happen to all of these Adam Roslin clones.


  • Before meeting Dax, Hero didn't know what kayaking or juggling were.