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A screenshot example of the map, in sector 3 (hard difficulty).

ES2-Characters-HIVE-Icon.png As we advance, we grow and learn.
~ HIVE  upon jumping into a sector.
Disambig.png For locations in Everspace 2, see Locations (ES2).

There are many important locations found in Everspace. Most are shown on the sector map with a high enough level in the pilot perk Sector Scanner.

Each zone/map is only a limited area. Going past a certain point will cause the player's ship to take significant damage over time and eventually death. When entering this damage zone, a warning will pop up saying "Leaving safe orbit".


Each of the first six sectors is procedurally generated. Each run, the map and individual zones will be different. However, each sector has a unique sun and average light color scheme (on both the map and in-zone). This also affects the color of the solar storm hazard. Each sector progressively gets a higher average risk.

  • Sector 1: Blue with a cold sun. 3-4 zones.
  • Sector 2: Blue with a warm sun. 3-4 zones.
  • Sector 3: Orange/yellow with a warm sun. 4-5 zones.
  • Sector 4: Violet. 4-5 zones.
  • Sector 5: Green with a green sun. 5-6 zones.
  • Sector 6: Purple. 5-6 zones.
  • Sector 7: Neutral with a neutral/cold sun.

Sector 7[]

Main article: Sector 7

Sector 7 is the last sector in Everspace, and is always the same, though it does change after a certain point in the story. It has only one location.

Map Legend[]

While traversing the Demilitarized Zone to the final destination, the navigational map will indicate several aspects of each zone with several different symbols, listed below.

Current Location[]

Marked with Icon Map Position.jpg over what zone the player is currently in.


Main article: Jumpgate

Icon Map Jump Gate.jpg Located in the last zone of each sector (except Sector 7), they allow the player to travel to the next sector, with no fuel cost.

Threat levels[]

Indicates the threat of strong enemies in that zone.

Icon Map Low Risk.jpg

Icon Map Medium Risk.jpg

Icon Map High Risk.jpg

Higher threat levels mean higher chances of enemies warping in and higher chances of stronger enemies.

(Perk level of sector scanner needed: 1st.)

Natural hazards[]

Main article: Natural hazards

Icon Map Natural Hazard.jpg

There are many types of natural hazards that are usually detrimental to the player, such as:

  • Electric storms
  • Solar storms
  • Scanner/Visual impairment (thick "clouds")
  • Star Hazard (danger of overheating, close to a star)
  • Dark Nebulae
  • Black holes, mines, jump suppressors (not marked with the natural hazard icon)

(Perk level of Sector Scanner needed: 2nd.)


Main article: Trader

Icon Map Trader.jpg

Shows the location of a Trader, where there are many trading options.

(Perk level of Sector Scanner needed: 3rd.)

Service Stations[]

Main article: Service Station

Icon Map Service Station.jpg

Shows the location of a Service Station, which offers up to three services (refueling, repairing, and trading).

(Perk level of Sector Scanner needed: 4th.)

Ancient Depots[]

Main article: Ancient Structures

Ancient depot long icon.png

Also known as Ancient Structures or Ancient Warp Gates.

(Ancient Structures Glyph needed to see. Otherwise, it will show up as a natural hazard due to the scanner impairment present in every zone with an Ancient structure.)


Main article: DNA


Shows the location of an enemy clone with a DNA fragment. Once all 8 DNA fragments have been delievered to the Lab, it will not show up on the map anymore, but enemy clones will still spawn.

Encounters Expansion NPCs[]

Main article: Category:Characters

Elek-MapIcon.png Karlie-MapIcon.png Maurice-MapIcon.png Tareen-MapIcon.png Throng-MapIcon.png

Shows the location of an NPC. Each character can only spawn once each run, and no more than one can spawn in the same location. They all tend to spawn in the earlier sectors (1-4) rather than the later sectors (5-6). If an NPC did not spawn in the current sector but is in one of the later sectors, their icon will show next to the jump gate. After Elek's and Karlie's questlines are completed, they will no longer spawn.

Additional in-zone locations[]

Unmarked on the sector map, there are many other locations/structures in the game:

  • There are many derelict and abandoned stations and structures scattered throughout the sectors, often with Subroutines.
  • G&B mining bases and freighters with mining lasers and drones.
  • G&B Factories, large stations that need to be powered up before offering various services.
  • Small or large outlaw structures can be found, usually with jump suppressors, drone servers, ship hangars, and turrets. These may have been old Colonial or G&B derelicts commandeered by the outlaws.
  • Asteroids are the most commonly-spawned objects.
  • Large asteroids are usually are somewhat hollow, and spawn with Crystal deposits, sometimes Containers, and sometimes Outlaw or Colonial structures.
  • Clusters of small or medium asteroids often spawn with Resources or Containers.
  • Icon-Map-CommHub.png Communication Hubs or Comm Hubs
  • Spawn on various stations and are easily picked up by the scanner
  • Reveal everything in the current zone after hacking it by staying close to it for several seconds

Lore Locations[]

While not very relevant to gameplay, there are several locations mentioned in the game's lore, such as:

  • Demilitarized Zone - Where the game takes place
  • Cluster 34 (AKA Beltegrade Cluster) - A large area of the galaxy that contains the DMZ.
  • The Colonial HQ, a military megastructure built after the Colonial-Okkar War. More info in the Codex.
  • Codo 5, the home planet of the K'Nos, Mester Throng's species.